My Classroom for 2016-2017

Day 2 of this school year and I'm already exhausted. Tomorrow the kiddos come and that is when the real fun begins. I have to admit, not being a first grade teacher anymore makes setting up a classroom a little less fun. No cute birthday chart, calendar, etc. But I do love my little home away from home, even if it is a tiny intervention room.  
In the morning I share my room with two part time teachers who help with our morning intervention program.  Therefore, I had to fit not one, but three guided reading tables in the room, along with all the other essential items it takes to do reading intervention with grades K-4.
So here it is...My room for 2016-2017

Welcome to my classroom in a sweet little town in Ohio. 
 My "Check it Out" board will be for any student in the school who wants to stop by and borrow a book. I have my best sellers in the buckets below. 
 New charts will go here. 

 My desk.

 Boxes full of intervention games.
 My guided reading table and word wall.

 Books, books and more books.
 Our chairs with erasers, dry erase markers and white boards.
 Our reading strategies.

 Another Word Wall
In addition to finishing my classroom up yesterday before Meet the Teacher, I also quickly set up a photo background for our students.   Totally forgot to do a little chalkboard writing on the black paper, but for last minute, it worked. 
Happy New School Year!



  1. Did you make the reading strategy posters? Where did you get the coral containers? Love these colors!

    1. I made the strategy posters and the containers all came from Target.

  2. Wow! Your classroom looks amazing! I haven't even started on mine yet...

    This is such a beautiful blog. I'm now following :)

  3. Hi, I love your classroom and color scheme. I have a few questions....
    1. Where did you buy the little tissue paper poms hanging on your wooden bulletin board?
    2. Can you tell us how you made the crinkled border on the same board?
    3. Where are the big, pink, tissue poms from?
    And finally.....4. Where did you purchase the magnetic silver word wall?

    1. All the poms big and little came from Hobby Lobby. I made the crinkled border by cutting fabric and hot glueing it up and bunching it at the same time. The magnetic word wall was really expensive. My dad had it made through a stainless steel company. Hope that helps.

  4. You classroom looks great! I'm still cleaning, haven't even started to set up yet. Can you tell me the dimensions of the magnetic word wall?

  5. Michelle, Love love your decor for the room. Where did you get all the cute
    Organizational containers on your desk?? Actually where did your desk come from?
    I have followed you for a few years. Love your ideas for teaching and decorating.

    1. The containers on my desk were from the dollar spot at Target last year. My desk is from IKEA. Thanks so much for following.

  6. What a sweet classroom! So pretty and creative! I'm a librarian and starting at a new school. I love your I heart books sign. Would you be willing to share? :)


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