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What would my Five for Friday be if it was actually on a Friday?  Here are my 5!

This week we read Pete the Cat. We talked about character,  cause and effect, and sequencing.  

I'm not sure where I got this sequencing sheet but I loved teaching retelling words with this worksheet.  If anyone knows the creator I would love to give credit. 

We also created a list of topics we can write about this year to put in their writing binders.

This guy above is my amazing counselor. Y'all can be very jealous because I think we have the best counselor on earth.  He does some pretty amazing things for our school.  He not only comes to our classrooms and does lessons for our kiddos, he also does a great art therapy program, implemented a school bullying program and leads some awesome class plays. That is in addition to the fundraisers he leads, IEP's he sorts through and other endless duties.  He's all about building community and I love this art project he had our school family create. Everyone in the school received a fourth of a circle to decorate. Together we create a pretty beautiful picture.  
We also have these cool new raglan shirts to wear on Wednesdays when we have our class meetings to discuss feelings, concerns, bullying, etc.  
The front is our school name.  The back says, staff. Our parents and students have similar shirts with parent and student on the back.  I just love being part of such an great community.  

Are y'all so excited for Fall. Once school starts I'm pretty much over summer and ready for pumpkins and boots.  I created a little subway art of my favorite things in fall.

For all you second grade teachers, I'm so sorry I'm such a slacker.  I have had so many emails and messages and yes.... the December/January morning menu is almost complete. This weekend I'll be posting it in my shop.  

My Teacher Planner comes sometime today. I'm so excited to see it! 
If you don't have an Erin Condren Planner, you need one asap! 




  1. I love your planner. I just got my first Erin Condren planner this year and I love it! Is your 1st grade helper in your TpT store? It's adorable!

    1. Yes it is. It's my best seller on TpT. :)

  2. You counselor is AWESOME! I love that art project!!! AND you are pretty awesome too!

  3. I am so inspired by your counselor and his message. I would love to do the same kind of art in my first grade classroom. Can you give me a little more info. about it? Did each child do a quarter of the circle? It would also be a wonderful project for a staff to do at a first staff meeting. Love it!

  4. Ha! linking up late is better than never. I started a blog and planned on linking up and blogging ALL the time. I did great and then school started. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE erin condren. I have used her life planners, and teacher planners among a TON of other things. Her Christmas cards area fabulous and when I submitted my 10th order I got a $50 coupon from them! Talk about a fabulous company.
    Bouncing Through Life in First

  5. We love the "Art of Community" project. We would like to produce something similar for our Disabiilty Awareness Art Show in March. Can you share specifics like materials used for the circles/panels and how these peices were actually put together for displaying? Thanks!

  6. The collaborative art project is the best! I have used this idea with a class. This surpasses mine because of the fab. presentation.

  7. Hi! Love the collaborative art project! I'm the art curriculum lead at my school and am about to take this on with 1100+ kids aged 3-11. Just wondering what medium you used; it looks like felt tip pens but I can't quite tell. Thanks in advance!!

  8. I looked for your Pete the Cat worksheets from your above post, but didn't seee it in your TPT store. Can you tell what to search for to find that? My kids love Pete the Cat books!


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