Bear with me!

I'm so sorry friends that my posting has been sporadic and not all that great. I promise that as soon as I get through the first week in November I'll be back.  I have a huge project that will be over soon and then life can resume. We hope!

My last post I shared some of my Stellaluna shared reading plans.  Here are a few things we did during our week of bat learning. 

 We did some questioning!
 We also put the story in sequence.
 We did a fun little Stellaluna Search for facts. When they found the facts they came back and had to decide if it was a doubles, or doubles plus 1.  Then they matched the doubles problem to the doubles plus 1 that could help that is related.  

 The pictures below are a differentiated sequencing activity.  One group had to put the events in order by writing their number order above the event. Another group was given the event that happened in the middle, but had to write what happened in the beginning and end of the story.  The final group had to write a few sentences about the beginning, middle and end.  My kiddos love working in groups and helping each other learn.  And it's so much fun to watch.  

Last week we studied pumpkins.  Here are some of our centers.  


We also did a KWL with this great National Geographic book.
 Here is our poem.  
 I just love watching my cutie pies reading. Here was our Shared Reading story for the week, Pumpkin Pumpkin.
 We also compared Shared Reading Story Pumpkin Pumpkin with Growing Pumpkins. 

 Here is our pumpkin lifecycle craftivity.  It includes a nice little pouch for the cards.
 We also observed the inside and outside of a pumpkin.  We carved it open and felt the inside.  YUCK! When our experiment was over, we recorded our observations, then stuck a flashlight in the pumpkin and read a spooky story. 

 Finally, on Friday, our fourth grade buddies came to help us with Cara's  Great Pumpkin Investigation.  

We also read, Too Many Pumpkins and taste tested all these yummy pumpkin treats.  AMAZING!!

And if that wasn't enough pumpkin for you, I also made my little guy a pumpkin rainbow loom bracelet.
I'll be back with more. Minus the pumpkins. :) 



  1. Love all the ideas! Super cute anchor charts and love your handwriting.

    Enchanted Kinder Garden

  2. What an awesome pumpkin week! Your kids must have loved it!!

    Do you have links for any of this? We are doing bats this week and I would LOVE the Stellaluna sequencing activities! :)


  3. Life happens :) Great blog worth waiting for!

  4. Where do I find your Roll a Word with the pumpkins? It is very cute!

  5. Love that you used Stellaluna for an activity. Fun to see how others use the book. I use it for my science lesson to compare birds and bats...mammals and birds to my little first graders that I teach science to. Thanks for the post.

  6. Are your Stellaluna sequencing pages available anywhere? Love them.

  7. Are your Stellaluna sequencing pages available anywhere?

  8. Love your Stellaluna sequencing pages. As Cristina, I was just wondering if you have them available anywhere? I look at your TPT pages but they are not there.


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