Christmas in July: Day 4

Can y'all believe it's July 10th? I'm about to have a mild heart attack.  I have about 5 projects in the works and time is ticking. I'm feeling a little bit of anxiety. That may also be because I'm at day 7 of no Diet Coke.  You heard that right. This girl was drinking Diet Coke like it was going out of style.  So I'm detoxing and I may lose my mind in the process. Just sayin! 

Of course these two monkeys are keeping me busy!
It's been raining here daily. Let me just tell you how white this girlfriend is! We took our vacation early, where it rained and now we've been sitting under clouds. SADVILLE. So yesterday when we saw sun, we ran out the door and to the Cincinnati Zoo.  My kids fit in there perfectly.  
Two little boys and rainy days= WILD ANIMALS!! 
(There faces are painted if you were wondering what was up with my children's faces.)

As y'all know today is the fourth day of Christmas in July.  
And on the 4th Day of Christmas your fabulous blog gives to you: 
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  1. Did you see the new baby gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo? I think the best thing about the Cincinnati Zoo is that they have so many monkeys there! I saw the picture of the baby gorilla the other day, and I seriously want to drive up there and see it under the pretext of visiting my family. :-)

    Blooming In First

  2. Congrats on detoxing on the Diet Coke! It's a hard thing to do. I'm 67 days Diet Coke free!! :)

  3. gave up diet coke???? I have tried and tried but I just can't do it. Good for you.....I hope it makes you feel better. I really should do it, but I just love my diet coke! You need to come to Illinois to get some good sun. It's been super sunny and hot, hot, hot!


  4. I am also giving up Diet Coke-only today is my first day! I also was drinking way too much and had read about it causing bone loss. At my age I need to keep my bones healthy. I do enjoy adding some lemon to water and I had one Crystal Light today just to mix it up a little. The hard time for me is when I am driving in the car and I have a 4 hour trip planned tomorrow. We'll see what happens...

  5. I gave up coke16 days ago and know the stuff in diet drinks is bad too so I'm on water too girl! Good luck. I keep a bottle in the freezer cause it's best cold, or with lemon! I do still have my coffee with truvia though! Hope you make it! And wishing for some more sunshine to come your way!

  6. i'm giving up anything with artificial sweeteners. I drink a lot of water anyway but replacing all diet sodas, Crystal Light etc with even more water is too much! I'm drinking a lot of unsweet tea but do give in once in a while to have a diet soda. Aaaah! I also switch it up with naturally flavored seltzer water for the fizz fix, some people don't like it but it only took a short time to get used to it and i like it a lot now.

  7. I'm giving up anything with artificial sweeteners. I drink a lot of water anyway but replacing the diet sodas, Crystal Lights etc with even more water is a bit much! I am drinking a lot of unsweet tea. Every now and then I have to give in and have a diet soda. I am also drinking naturally flavored seltzer eater for a fizz fix. A lot of people don't like it but it only took a little while to get used to it and I really like it now. And I do still have my Equal in my DD iced coffee. I've tried it with Stevia liquid but yuk! Once fall hits, i won't have anymore of those! Good luck!

  8. I all but gave up Diet Coke almost a year ago. I used to drink it like water. In fact, other than coffee, that was about all I drank. That's absurd, I know...I know. Now, I might have one a couple of times a week. The best perk in giving it up...I lost 20 pounds. I have no idea why giving up a 0 calorie drink would help me lose weight but it did. Hang in there! You can do it!


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