Dang..I have a blog?

You would seriously think I'd forgotten all about this little blog of mine.  I certainly haven't updated my family blog in what feels like a decade, but I'm BACK! And I'm going to get my act back together. 
First, my baby graduated from Kindergarten.
Then, when school ended I had a week to get Drew ready for graduation, pack and run around before we left for DISNEY! We just got back today and they aren't lying when they say, that is vacation you need a vacation from when you're finished. We go every year, and every year it seems like a wonderful idea, until I'm in 90 degree heat, in hour long lines, with people who forgot they aren't they only people in the park.  But all joking aside, I do love seeing my kiddos smiles and the joy they get from hugging those precious characters. 
Gotta love my sweet boys.  

Speaking of vacation, my poor little Drew got a two day break from school and this teacher mommy busted out the book! He was actually really excited about it.  I ran to Staples and for four dollars they bound my Staying Fit for First pack.  Now he has his own little book of review for the summer.  
Tonight and tomorrow both of my summer review books will be 15% off.  
I hope you all are having a good start to your summer. I'll be back soon, I promise.  


  1. Wow I feel like this is the year everyone is going to Disney for vacation! Love the pics and congrats to your kiddo for graduation kindergarten! :)

    Cheers To School

  2. What a handsome little boy you have! Disney is FABULOUS! We went back at Thanksgiving and my girls are already asking when we are going back! Hope you can get some rest now!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  3. Going to Disney right after school is out each year sounds like a great way to start your summer! I bought your Fit For First for my kiddos this year to send home as a packet and it looked great!! Enjoy the "rest" of your summer with your boys~

  4. Welcome back and congrats on having a rising first grader! I am sure that will make next year fun for you :) Enjoy your summer!
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  5. Your boys are precious! What a proud mommy moment. Glad Disney was fun! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    For the Love of First Grade

  6. I need to remember to go to Staples for a quick binding. That is such a handy tip! Thanks!

    New Teaching Video: Target Teacher Haul
    Sprinkle Teaching Magic Blog

  7. Thanks for the Staples tip! Your packet is such a great idea- I wish I would have sent something like that home with my firsties to prepare them for 2nd grade. I'll make a note for next year :)
    So glad you had fun at Disney!
    Happy summer vacation!
    First Grade Follies


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