Five For Friday (Saturday Edition)

Sorry this is late, but we took our two little guys to Great Wolf Lodge for the night because some little boy decided to turn 6! Yes, I'm old and have a six year old. So here are my 5!
We've been learning about penguins this week.  Here is our penguin schema chart. My kiddos loved using it to help them write their 3.5 paragraphs on what they learned about penguins.
These are our penguin paragraphs. They turned out so cute. 

 We also did the blubber glove experiment from Deanna's unit. They love this every year. 

My sweet friend Cara now has me addicted to Spotify.
I can't get enough.  It might be the only way I listen to music again.  
Speaking of cutie pie Cara...That girl has some mad font making skills.  

I've been using CC fonts in everything because they are amazing.  
This sweet boy is turning 6!
We had to have these made for the big, school birthday treat.
So blessed to have this sweet boy.  
I'm gearing up for Valentine's Day.  Here are some centers I've laminated. We'll be working on the rest this weekend. 

If you don't already know... I'm obsessed with make-up and beauty products. So I always watch Kandee for the newest make-up must haves.  Here are her January picks.  


  1. We are starting our penguin unit in 2 weeks!! I want to do the blubber activity-never done it before :)

    And I am going to hacve to check out Cara's fonts ASAP!

  2. Where did you get the mustache you a question center? I looked on your TPT store and did not see it. Is it included in the valentines stuff?


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