Holidays and Homophones

   One week down, two to go! I do love this time of year, especially in the classroom, but not getting up at 4:30 am. will be such a great gift in just a couple weeks.  Until then, we'll be traveling around the world on the Holiday Express and doing some cute crafts and activities. This week we traveled to Sweden and Kenya.  This kids love getting their Holiday Express Pocket Books and putting all their work and souvenirs from the countries we visit inside.  
 Our pocket books
 Our Sweden anchor chart
 Today we made Kwanzaa necklaces.
To see more about our holidays around the world unit click here.

    This week we also read the book Dear Deer, by Gene Barretta.  It's the cutest little story to introduce homophones.  Most of my kiddos really understood homophones well, while others still looked a little puzzled.  So I decided to create a little activity to make homophones a bit more exciting.  Today we went on a homophone hunt.  
A hunting we went! 
Once each student found one homophone they returned back to the carpet to find their homophone pair.
Once the students found their match we recorded the words on our anchor chart and discussed the meanings of each word.
Next students went back to their seats to complete the homophone hunt sheet, that we later put in a class book.

My kiddos also made their own little book of homophones. 

 And played a little homophone memory game.  

If you want to pick up this fun little homophone hunt, and other activities it's available in my TpT store for $3.00.  


  1. Michelle...I love it! If I weren't teaching my ELAR block in Spanish...I'd be purchasing this cute little unit...asap!


  2. oh my gosh, this is the cutest unit--Merry Christmoose, so adorable!! Your kids look like they had a blast! Happy Holidays Michelle :)

  3. What fabulous fun!! I love your homophone unit and am popping over to TpT right now!! Thanks for sharing your fabulous creative work. Happy weekend to you.

    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  4. Oh my goodness! I love this so much!!!!! Homophones are super tricky and this is GREAT!!!!!!

  5. So cute! Can't wait to try this when we do homophones next semester! Thanks for sharing!

    Kindergarten Is A Hoot

  6. These ideas are so cute. I just love teaching homophones!

  7. Thanks for all your inspiration! I nominated you for the Sunshine Award for all you do!!


  8. A great website for literacy resources for all grades! Please check it out. It’s not completely online yet, but will be soon!

    Youtube channel with how-to videos!

    Please spread the word!

  9. Michelle, Where is your Holiday Express Unit located? I tried looking on TpT. I really want to try to do something like this for the last couple of weeks. Thanks!

  10. I would also love to be able to use the Holiday Express Unit! We need maps/flags to go along with our Holidays around the world unit.

  11. Love these ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!
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