A Big Ole' Mess

So this week has been WACKADOODLE DOO TIMES 2!  I've only fit in about 1/4th of what I've planned and I'm already exhausted.  So if this post is all kinds of a mess, just read on and ignore my half fried brain.  This week we....

Wrote our sight words in snow
 Made edible dreidels.
 Made this cute little Cookie in a Jar and Cookie Cook Book as Christmas gifts for their parents.

 Each student had the assignment of writing one of their families' favorite holiday cookie recipes.  I then made copies of each person's recipe to put in our very own class cookbook.  I was really happy with our final product. You can click here for the recipe. 

I'm also including the tags for the cookies in a jar and cookbook cover. 


On top of the craziness that is the week before break, we also had the big task of preparing for snow days.  Apparently, we can get three extra snow days if we place 3 days worth of assignments on our classroom website.  We've already used 2 calamity days for our leaking roof, so these three extra days may come in handy.  Therefore, I had to find some work for my kiddos. I made a bunch of little things and I am attaching a few of them below. Maybe you can use them. They are very random.  

Hope you all have a great last few days! YiPPEE! 
Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway for the In A Pikle.  I received mine today and I LOOOOOVE them!!! 


  1. Love these! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Ah girl, I feel your pain...I haven't been able to finish what I had planned either! But I still have a week to go...so maybe it'll get done soon. I'm definitely on a countdown though...I can't wait for the break! Love your cute printables! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the snowy beginning middle and end. This will come in handy in January when my kids need to revisit this standard.:)

    Kinders on the Block

  4. Michelle,
    Could you email me a copy of the recipe page? I would appreciate a copy of this. Going to try to do this next week! Thanks!


  5. Love your blog and all that you share. Thanks!

  6. I absolutely LOVE the cookie in a jar idea! So adorable! What a unique gift for parents idea! :)

    Creating & Teaching


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