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There's a 

and since I'm not one to turn down a party I thought I'd join! 

Mrs. Ibarra at Always First Grade is having a classroom photos linky party! So here is the room I call my second home.  

Our Library Area 
Student Book Boxes 
Our Leveled Take-Home Books
Front of the Room
The pocket chart holds our weekly poem, white board and attendance/lunch count
A little bit of felt and velcro and you have a way to take lunch count! 
Furr-tastic Work and the coveted treasure chest and pointers.
My desk
iPod Station
Our Focus walls for all of those anchor charts throughout the year.
Math corner and manipulatives
We have sink in our classroom. The only downside it's a million years old and ugly.
Guided Reading Table and Word Wall

Pencil jars! I made cuter ones recently but don't have pics.
Our view on the way out. I sometimes write a password or question on the board before we can leave.
Not part of the diet but cute anyway.
Drawers under the guided reading table.
Inside the drawers. Plans and other guided reading things.
Writer's toolboxes for each table.
Center Bins
Line up poems


  1. Beam me up, Scotty... aboard Mrs. Oakes Fabulous in First Class!

    Primary Graffiti

  2. I love the iPod stations. thanks for the inspiration.

    Ms. M

  3. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Your room looks great!

    Mrs. Ibarra
    Always First Grade

  4. Thanks for sharing your pictures! Love your room!

  5. Oh my lord! Your room is so gorgeous. I love it all!

  6. It looks like your room is huge! How big is your class?

  7. Was this taken in the beginning of the year, or is your room always that clean?!? I love it!

  8. WoooooooW!!! You are blessed to have so much space!!! Your room is precious!

  9. I LOVE your room!! Where did you find those line up poems? I would love a copy if you still have them ...

  10. Thanks girls-
    My room is big but not nearly as big a most rooms I've seen. I don't like clutter though, so everything is very compact and in bins. Those pictures are from the beginning of the year. Things don't look quite as pretty any more.
    @Christina- The line up poems were from Jamie Solley's site which is no longer. I can't find a copy on my computer anywhere, which I don't understand because I just re-typed them this summer. When I get time I'll type them up and put them on here.

  11. WOW nice room!!! Maybe you could join my linky party too.... all you need is the pic of your desk :)

    I would love for you to join!!!

  12. Your room is gigantic..mine is about half that size :( I love how colorful it is!


  13. I love your room!! The monster theme is really cute. quick question...Where did you get the guided reading questions?

  14. @Life of A First Grade Teacher: I got them from Ms. Winston's site.

  15. LOVE your room! Question: how do you get everything to stay up on your walls? I have one cinder block wall and the others we aren't allowed to put staples into!

  16. OMG. I am in LOVE with your classroom. I, too am a huge primary color fan... and you've managed to organize with those colors with perfection! You'd better believe that this is a link I'll be coming back to when it's time to redo my room for next year! Thanks for your pics :-)


  17. I want to be a first grader again! Your room is terrific!


  18. I love how colorful your room is :) and I am loving that exposed brick- I don't know how easy it is to hang stuff, but I would just love to look at it every day!

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures In Teaching

  19. Also, I just made a post about library organization and I would LOVE it if you would repsond to my post. Yours is AMAZING! :)

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures in Teaching

  20. I actually use the same guided reading format as you. I would love to hear how you do your guided reading and if you would shine your light on your knowledge in that area!

  21. I love your monster theme! I've seen all of the monster stuff available now at the teacher store. Very tempting! My team is getting ready to do a monster money theme next week. :)

  22. I know this was an old post but I love your classroom...I am ready for a change in my classroom except my room is not that big. This next year is my tenth year!!! If you do not mind me much was the ikea desk and shelves? I hope to create a great space like yours :)

  23. Hi,
    I love your room. It is so spacious. Where did you get the stools at your table. Great find.


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