Love is in the air!

I have to admit, February is not my favorite month. It's usually freezing cold and I'm full of spring fever. But I do love all the activities at school that February brings.  
The following are few pictures of activities in my Burning Love Centers

 Some of these activities below are free on my Facebook page
Speaking of centers, I also have some cute centers in honor of the Super Bowl
We also hit our economic standard during this month. It's so much fun to teach my kiddos about economics while tying it into our Valentine party. 

I also just finished this unit.  I know my kids will love Diane deGroats book as much as I do and what kids doesn't want to learn about opossums? 

Our 100th day is also this week. Who doesn't love a Wolf's Chicken Stew to celebrate? 
Happy almost February! 


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