Falling into the school year.

I'm finally getting into the groove of my new job and I'll be creating some new things for my classroom. This is a much different role for me. I'm currently teaching K, 1, 2, 3 and a 5th grader who just came to the U.S. I have 15 different groups of kids throughout the week to plan for and many different needs too, so you'll be seeing a bunch of different things from me.  I'm also helping as a literacy coach and making sure our teachers have the literacy materials they need for the week's intervention times.  Let's just say, I'm a busy girl and I get by with a little help from my friends! Praise the Lord for good friends, who make great resources. 
Here are a few things I used this week that totally saved my life! 
Christina is a reading genius and has made my life so much easier. I'm loving both of the units below.  They are perfect for my people! 
 Cara's Alphabet Intervention is perfect for my kinder crew. 
 And as always, I'm loving everything from my sweet friend Abby. 

Thank goodness for some great intervention activities.  Meanwhile my sweet first grade friends were having fun with my Chrysanthemum unit and I love seeing their work.  

In addition to all the activities above, I'm also working on letters, sounds and names with my kinder babies.  In our school, the Kindergarten uses Handwriting without Tears.  They also use the HWT alphabet.  I wanted to make sure I'm the same page as their teachers and I made a little alphabet chart and alphabet book to practice that would match the pictures used in their classroom.  You can download both free below.  I'll be posting some of our name fun in the next post. 

As you may know, we just moved and I've been making lots of purchases to help decorate our new home.  I just got a few new things that I'm so excited about! 
I'm loving our little paper organizer in our mudroom.

 I got this idea from Bless'er House and I'm in love. I still need a few knick knacks.
My sweet friend Amy brought us this beautiful purple mum for our porch. 
 I just got this fun lantern and pillow and blanket for the fireplace. Now to decorate around the rest of the mantel. 
 And this came today and made me so happy! I love my new scale/clock.  It's my favorite new purchase.  

I've been pinning like crazy! 
I love fall fashion and home decor. You can check out some of my favorite boards here:

Here are some of my new favorite blogs and Instagrams I'm following! 

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