Friday Favorites and My First Periscope.

Hey Friends,
  So I did my first Periscope.  Oh my word! I did something wrong and couldn't see anything, no comments, nobody responding! It was one of those nightmares, like the first day at a new school and nobody talks to you. I swore no one was watching and then I saw a few names and poof they were gone again. I have no idea what I did, but I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be allowed on Periscope. Too bad I decided to do a little series of my Friday Favorites. My friend Erica is joining me and when my sweet friend Abby isn't busy having a baby or chasing around a sweet boy and a toddler, she's going to jump in too.  
So, I was pretty sure I needed to have my own show because I really love to share my favorite things, so I could be like Oprah, but without the billions of dollars.  Although I failed my first Scope, so it's  probably a bad sign.  Good thing I'm also sharing my items on the blog. I'm pretty okay at the whole blog thing. So here are my Friday faves. 

I found this awesome metal framed board at Michaels for $11. I made something like this last year, but it didn't match my new classroom, so I gave it away. Yes, I am THAT particular.  It's a problem, and everyone at school knows about it.   In fact, things that don't match my decor in my room give me hives.  So this was an awesome find for me and my new Shabby Chic room.  I'm going to have my sweet little people make words with magnetic letters on this board.  I can't wait to take it in to school.
Next up, are a pair of my favorite earrings EVER! These are Kendra Scott and they are so classic. 
They are called Sophee Earrings and you have to check them out.  
Now let's talk make-up. I have to share my favorite make-up staple. I really don't think I'll ever go with any other eyeliner.  I agree Allure Magazine! It's a winner. You HAVE to buy this! It's the blackest eyeliner and it gets so close to your lashes. AMAZING!! Check it out here
Now onto something a little bit more educational! Here are two books that I highly recommend for the beginning of the school year.  I'm actually going to be making some things to go along with these great books.  
The first is The Adventures of Beekle, The Unimaginary Friend.  Y'all this is the cutest dang book and teaches such great lessons about how you have to take risks and put yourself out there in order to find the right friends for you.  I just love this book! 
The next book is:
This is another great beginning of the year book.  It's about a teacher and a student that don't see eye to eye, but they both realize that neither of them is that bad after all.  As the book goes on the teacher turns into less of a monster until, she a human being.  Just think about how our littles might perceive us as they entering school for the first time.  Y'all, you know they think you sleep at school and have no life.  I highly recommend you check out this great tale. Plus I love the illustrations in both books.  

So that's all for my Friday Faves! You still have time to watch my first, not so pro Periscope debut.  Also, tune in next week to my periscope channel @michelleoakes and don't forget to check out Erica's @ericabohrer. 

Oh...and one more thing.  If anyone needs some Shabby in their life, I just finished a word wall and alphabet set for my own classroom and as a little bonus I also made the Beanie Baby Strategies to match.  I put it in my store if you want to check it out.  
Love Y'all! Have a great weekend. 


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