Bloggers Gonna Blog (or so they say)

We all wore shirts in Vegas that said "Bloggers Gonna Blog" but guess what? You probably shouldn't wear that shirt if you never blog! I'm sorry, this blog has been neglected, but I promise I have an excuse, and as soon as school starts back I'll be golden. 

You would think summer would be relaxing, but this summer has been anything but. My plate has been chocked full and a nervous breakdown could be in order. But I'm going to try to stay sane.

Here is a just a little of what's up with my crazy life.  

1. We decided on a whim to put our house on the market and after 22 families traveled through our house in a matter of 9 days, we sold.  Now, I know how lucky we are, and I'm crossing my fingers it all goes as planned, but we close the first day of school. Great timing, huh? 

2. We had to find a place to live, so we are building a new home that should be finished the day before I start school.  Hopefully I'll be able to find a first day outfit amongst the boxes.  

3. I'm moving classrooms.  I'm moving from my beautiful, bright, big room (click here to see my old room), to a little tiny room that's kind of yuck to be quite honest.  I'm working hard to make my little box, my own. After 14 years with a bright primary colored classroom, I've decided to go shabby/farmhouse chic.  I really want a calm, homey feel to this new room.  I want a relaxing place for my kids to read and learn.

Here's what I have so far: (Please excuse the horrible lighting and the mess. It's a work in progress.) 

4. This move also means I'm starting my new job.  It's hard to leave first grade after it being so much a part of my life for so long, but I'm excited for this new adventure.  

So that's all folks.  I'm living a crazy life! :) I hope you are having an awesome summer. Relax by the pool for me and I promise I'll blog again soon.  

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