Is it Spring Yet?

My sweet friend Erica Bohrer posted this on Facebook and I couldn't have said it any better. 
Winter weather is driving me insane! I really just need to be able to run on trails again, get my fitness and healthy eating back on track and be able to walk outside without my face hurting it's so cold.  And PTL, this is our forecast for the next week. 
Now for some of y'all, like my sassy friend Deanna Jump who keeps telling me it's 86 where she is, this may seem not so great. But to me...this is like a tropical paradise.  In the spring in Cincinnati, close to sixty means getting a pedicure and  breaking out the flip flops. 

This week we celebrated Read Across America Week. I took 4,650 pictures, but I'll just share a few or a lot. 
My cuties with their directed drawings I got from First Grade Blue Skies.
Each year we have an author come during the week to share their books, as well as how they became an author and how the book came to be.  Our author was Susan Levine, who wrote Harriet's Homecoming, a book about the Falcons in Cincinnati.  She even brought a falcon. 

Some cookies for the good Doc's birthday and a game of roll the hats. 
 My cuties in hats. 
 Our superintendent reading to our kids.
 Wacky first grade teacher on Wacky Wednesday
 Wacky class! 

 Stacking turtles after reading Yertle. 
 Green eggs and ham!

 Next up, one of my favorite holidays of all, St. Patty's Day.  I'm not Irish, but I love some leprechaun shenanigans.  Here is my Pinterest board if you want some fun ideas. 



  1. Looks like your kiddos had a super fun week of Dr. Seuss activities!! The wacky picture of the house with arms and legs is too cute!! And I LOVE that necklace! That is definitely a great purchase! Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Looks like you had a fun week! We didn't get to do as much this week because we missed some days because of the weather. Thanks for the boutique suggestions! I'm always looking for some new ones.

  3. I could not agree with you more about winter...and I am totally looking forward to the warmer weather that is coming next week :)

  4. It looks like your class had so much fun celebrating Read Across America week! Mine loved it too!
    KinderKids Fun


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