Happy Friday!

I was going to link up with Five for Friday, but really, I can barely keep my eyes open for three things, so I'll just share this random post with y'all. 

This week we studied penguins. I love this unit. We have so much fun. 
Here are my kiddos trying out the blubber glove. Yes, that's water all over my floor. 
Practicing penguin parenting and keeping the egg off the ice.
One of the many activities from our nonfiction penguin reading unit.  I just love how smart my kiddos have become.  They amaze me. 
Penguin 3.5 paragraphs. 

I'm so excited for next week. We love celebrating Read Across America week.  
We'll be doing many fun activities and my Silly Centers. 

And finally...
I haven't been the best blogger or creator of new things and I just want to say I'm sorry. I do have to say, I've enjoyed the break.   For the first time in a while I took time for myself. I've tried really hard to keep up with being a mom, wife, blogger, teacher, and creator of new activities for the past few years.  And over the last month or so I decided to take time to just breathe.  I actually sat and watched TV. And it felt good. Now I'm back, and can't wait to share some fun new ideas. 
But I will say, I've enjoyed my shows. 

Do y'all watch these? And this is why I can't blog or workout. It doesn't really look good on me. So I'll spring into this next month determined. Until then, I'm going to jump off and watch what I've DVR'd.  :) 

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