Book Study: Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites, Chapters 1 & 2

I'm linking up with Elizabeth from Kickin' It In Kindergarten for our book study on the book Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites. As I read this book, I'm finding some fun new ideas to use in my classroom, but more so, it's giving me the affirmation that what I'm doing in my classroom is best practice. I always want to do what is best for my kids and I'm happy to read that we're on the right track. 

In Chapter 1 they discuss brainstorming and discussion.  I'm big believer in these two things and below are some ways I use them in my classroom as well as some ways I would like to improve. 
 I totally agree that classrooms shouldn't be quiet. I love when my students are working together to solve problems, answer questions and complete projects.  I'm a big believer in small groups and I use these in many ways.  Below my kiddos had to work together to determine the most important parts of the story they read.  I loved hearing them debate as they had to decide together what they should write. Later they worked as a group to present their ideas to the class. 
Here are my students sharing the stories they wrote. Their partner told them some of the GLOWS in their writing, the things they loved that they did as an author.  Giving each other feedback is so empowering.  
I wish I had more pictures, but in addition to turn and talk, our discussions during Shared Reading and working in small groups, we also have weekly team meetings.  We sit in a circle and share as a group pretty much anything that is on our mind.  We brainstorm ways to solve problems we see in the classroom, I ask my students to tell me the activities from the week that they loved and those that really weren't much fun.  We talk about how we can change things to make them better for their learning styles.  It's a powerful time y'all. The other day they said they weren't crazy about our Calendar Binders. They wished we could practice those skills in other ways.  I had them give me some ideas and told them I would work on some things.  And guess what?... We took our calendar binders home and I took the challenge to find ways to make practicing the concepts more exciting.  

Chapter 2 was all about the arts in our classroom. This chapter focused on drawing, dancing and using music in the classroom. "When children play, draw, dance and sing, they engage every sense and help wire the neurons for learning successfully."-Sousa
If there is an area where I feel is my strength, it's incorporating many different types of learning in my classroom. I love using music and dance to teach.  In addition I believe that drawing and art certainly has a place in a classroom.  Below is a picture of my students retelling a story by acting it out. 
Students artwork makes my heart happy.  Here are a few reader's response sheets where students respond through illustrations. 

Each week we also read a poem that goes with our theme.  At the end of the week my kids take their poem home in the Poetry section of their Go Book.  Before taking it home, we have them use their mental images from the poem to illustrate it. We talk about how we use illustrations as readers to figure out tricky words and help us better understand stories, and they also have to be able to create illustrations to help readers.  

During our data unit, students were able to represent their data in many different ways.  These elves are just too cute. 
So I hope after reading these few chapters you are charged to do something new.  There are tons of blogs joining this book study, and I'm sure going to check them out and see what other great things are happening in classrooms around the world that also believe that... "Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites." 

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If you are not a blogger (which is totally fine!!!) we still want to hear from you! Leave a comment below to let us know how you are incorporating this book in your classroom!


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