It's all about growing.

I've been teaching for a long time.  I mean a long time! One thing I believe in my heart of hearts, is that if you aren't constantly learning, reading, and growing in your teaching, then you need to change that right now.  No matter how long you've been teaching, there is always room to grow.
As y'all know from my previous post, I attended training at RCA (Ron Clark Academy). It was beyond amazing and it was even better to attend with my sweet friends. 

I know I told y'all how inspired I was by being there, but I'd thought tell you how it has already changed my classroom.  This week I came back into the classroom and channeled my inner Ron Clark.  What does this look like? Well, like Tigger in a teacher form.  I came back and taught with more energy and enthusiasm than I've ever taught with before. I made sure I was making eye contact, moved around the room more, taught with passion. Y'all I was teaching about informative paragraphs and my kids were mesmerized. All eyes were on me, because I was excited about those darn paragraphs.  

Another thing I noticed about the kids at the academy, was that they would stand when they would answer a question. Of course, they were standing on chairs, but when they stood, they were the star.  Everyone's eyes were on them and they were loud, and proud to share their information with the class. I wanted this for my kids. I want to teach kids to be proud of themselves! They have become so darn smart, and whether their answer is correct of not, I want them to be confident young ladies and gentlemen.   And let me tell you they are! They are so proud now.  Everyone listens to them. Our rule is: all eyes on the speaker. I remind them as they stand, "loud and proud". We need to raise the leaders of tomorrow and they can't be mumbling and afraid to share their knowledge. 
In addition, I'm just trying to make our learning more fun. I would say I've always been a pretty creative and energetic teacher, but I'm so inspired to make my lessons even more "out of the box" and add more music.  We don't spend very long on our songs, but just enough time to review the concept and then practice the skill.  

Here's an example of the doubles rap.  Let me just warn you now, we have no rhythm! Especially when I'm not dancing with them. 

Then we sat back down and quickly wrote our facts to practice our doubles fluency.
And finally, be thankful! It will be appreciated. Although I always thank my sweet parents in my newsletter, I was inspired by Mr. Clark to give a little extra, to show my appreciation.  Parents were asked to donate a gift card or small monetary donation for a basket raffle we do each year.  Many parents were so generous in helping me with this project. So instead of a blanket "thank you" in a newsletter, I wrote each parent a thank you note. Now this is not earth shattering, but I think taking the time to write a handwritten note to thank others is important and it truly shows our appreciation.  

Speaking of growing, we're growing a hundred days smarter soon! 
I'm getting all prepared for about 5 million different things in the next two weeks. We celebrate our 100th Day very soon.
We'll be doing my 100th Day unit. I love the Wolf's Chicken Stew and doing activities that aren't the same old thing.  

.  Race to 100!
 Balloons with 100th Day Activities inside. 
 Searching for and counting 100 chicks.
 100th Day Snack


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