The Re-do of Reader's Workshop!

One of my best sellers is a unit I created a REALLY long time ago.  If you all have been blogging for a while and selling on TpT for 4 plus years, then y'all feel my pain when you look at old products. I'm not kidding, the other day someone bought my Reader's Workshop Response pack and I cringed. I wanted to scream through the computer, "NO.....let me give you, your money back!!" I'm not kidding. Is the content good? Yes. Is it cute at all? Oh goodness NO!!! So I had to redo the whole darn thing! I just couldn't take one more person buying such ugly response sheets.  If you already own this product, PLEASE go download it again. If not, it's great if you do Reader's Workshop and follows very closely with  Debbie Miller's book Reading with Meaning.  
Happy Reading! 



  1. Thank you! I just went and downloaded again. I thought it was super helpful and darn cute the way it was. Looking forward to using the revamped version. Come check out my first grade blog at Hanging Around In Primary


  2. Haha, I've felt the same way when I see someone has purchased something I'm knee-deep in giving a makeover! This looks terrific & will be so useful with my small groups :)

  3. The new product looks great! Although I enjoyed the old one just the same :) Thanks for the update!

    Paiges of Learning

  4. This is an awesome set of reader response sheets! Love some Debbie Miller! If I hadn't just retired this would be MY purchase!

  5. I feel your pain! I can't believe that I used to create products in Word! *shudder*

  6. I still loved the old one, but thanks for the update! Your hard work looks fabulous!


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