Peek at My Week: Sept. 8th Plans

I'm going to try my hardest to link up with my sweet friend Deedee's, Peek at My Week as much as possible.  When I do, just click the plans below, download them and then click on the pictures within. Clikcing will either take you to a product or to a freebie. I usually have lots of freebies in these plans. This week we have our Walk-a-thon. This is a big fundraiser for our PTO and a week when we really promote health and wellness.  Due to the Walk-a-thon, my week is a little atypical.  But here it is, if you are interested.  

In addition, I've had lots of email about when I'll be finished with my Morning Menu for Second Grade. I just finished December and January and will start working on the next months soon.  If you want to check out the December/January Morning Menu, just click below. 

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