Peek at My Week!

Hey all! I'm so excited that Deedee is back with her Peek at My Week. I love her visual plans. Two years ago, I was awesome at posting my week. Last year... not so much. So I'm going to try to be better this year. Since I don't start school until next week, I thought I'd just copy my sweet friend Mrs. Wills and show you what my schedule looks like, as well as what resources I use to accomplish different tasks throughout the day.  

So here it goes: My crazy day!

To download a copy and see what resources I use, click the PDF below. You can also click on the resource and it will take you to the product. 

Finally, here is a sample Shared Reading plan you can use at the beginning of the year. I shared it on Blog Hoppin' not long ago and thought I'd add it here as well. 



  1. Hi Michelle! :)
    I found you thorough Dee Dee's linky! :) I had never seen your shared reading plan for Mrs. Wishy Washy's Farm! :) It's precious! :) I will definitely have to give that a spin with my littles! :) Your anchor chart was super pretty! :) Not sure I will *quite* come to that level...but I will give it a go! ;) Hee hee hee! ;) I snagged your pirate unit for my pirate themed classroom and I'm looking forward to whipping that out with my littles as well! :)
    Thanks for sharing your day with us! ;)
    I'll have to get a schedule of my day up in a future post at some point too! :)
    I start school a week from tomorrow...and I am still not *quite* sure what it will look like! LOL! I guess I better get on it! :)
    Happy end of summer to you! ;)

  2. AHHH!!! I love it! I love your explanations too! I *might* borrow some of your wording and revise mine. I basically want to be like you!

    Love you!


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