Back to School with BiC: Fight For Your Write

Little writers are my favorite! The progress they make in one short year and the adorable ideas that pop out of their head and onto the paper make my job that much more enjoyable.  Now, Bic is making writing even more fun and manageable with a new line of writing tools for kids. I was lucky enough to get a box full of goodies to try and I'm so excited to share!

In addition, BIC has launched the “Fight for Your Write” campaign, which reinforces how fun and empowering writing can be. The campaign can be found at, and offers information about writing and tips from literacy expert Pam Allyn.

So let's check out some of these fun new items:
This is the Kids Pencil. I love the guiding line to direct proper finger placement. 

I am also loving their pens. These tools also come with labels for writing the student's name. I love this idea for Writer's Workshop. Each student could have their own pen in their writer's toolbox.  They also twist to expose the ink, instead of hearing clicking all through writing time.  

Even their new student stylus comes with a guiding line and comfort grip. Landon loved using this stylus, and I must say, his writing looked amazing! I think I might have to steal this from my students to use for myself. 

 I am also extremely particular about my dry erase markers. Some smear off easily and others don't wipe off at all.  These dry erase are perfect! The writing stayed put and when it was time to erase, one swipe and it was erased. Love these!!! 

 These pretty pencils make my teacher heart happy! 
Now it's time to enter to win your own set of BiC Writing tools! 

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