Back to School Prep!

I know my blogging has been so pathetic y'all and I'm really sorry.  I have been so busy with back to school. I am also working on two products that must get completed. I'm up to my eyeballs in labels and laminating right now.

My kiddos have a writing binder and a reading notebook. We use their reading notebook for interactive notebook pages, reader's responses and assessment of things we just previously learned. I used 5.5 x 8.5 labels. They are large shipping labels. I slap them right on their composition notebooks and poly binders. Cheap and easy! 
 Another quick, easy, life saving tool, is my Helper.  I slap the front and back page together between laminating sheets and my kids have a resource that is easily stored in their chair pocket. A portable word wall, phonics resource, 120's chart and other math skills, as well as a place to find the info that would normally be hung around the room ie. color and number words.  
 I've also been laminating and cutting behavior bucks, classroom coupons, strategy cards and name cards. I can't wait to put it all in use though. 
These envelopes are used for all the back to school paperwork and forms that need to be completed and returned.  I include this sweet poem written by Jamie Solley
I've also been laminating all of my new focus wall documents and headers.  

I'm sure you all are busy cutting as well. A teachers work is never done! 
I have some fun freebies on my Facebook page. This is what's included on my page. I just added my center labels and checklist. Hope you can find something you like! 



  1. Hi Michelle i was wondering if i can get your freebies but i don't have a facebook page my email is please let me know

  2. Fabulous! Of course, now I have more to laminate and cut! Meet the Teacher at 10, can I get it all done? :)

  3. Hi Michelle,
    What do you use for your interactive notebook? I'm looking for something that is 1st grade appropriate. That's so much! Your post is great! Amanda Cano

  4. You've been busy! Could you send me the poem? I looked on Jamie's page but couldn't find it. THanks in advance!

  5. Hi! I love your notebook and binder labels! Is there any way you could send them to me? My email is - THANKS! (I do not have facebook)


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