Sunday Smorgasbord

Last year during the summer months I created a linky called Sunday Smorgasbord. I almost forgot about it until I was going to write this post, and couldn't think of a title. :) So here I am, back again! 
It's late on Sunday so I'll start the linky next week, but I'll go ahead and share my random. 

At the end of the year I always give my classroom helpers a gift. I felt like the end of the year, totally crept up on me this year.  So when I saw THIS IDEA at Teacher to The Core, I knew exactly what to do.  I loved Katie's tags, but wanted to add a gift card, so I created my own.  Mine are near as precious at hers, but they matched my ribbon. If you want this tag, click HERE.

On awards day my kiddos received their Dollar Store Superlatives. You should have seen their faces when they received their special gift. They waited in anticipation to see what they'd get, as they gasped at every award that was given.  It made my heart so happy, not only to honor each of my kiddos in a special way, but also see such joy as they received their award. 

Each year I also send my kids home with my summer review book. It includes a book list for the parents, so they can find appropriately leveled books, as well as common core review of grade 1. My friend Cara Carroll of the First Grade Parade, shared how she sent her her packs home and I couldn't resist. I also included the First Grade Memories DVD I made for each student. 

I'm so excited to spend my summer with these guys!

What's summer without fun fingernails?
I just don't know.
So start thinking now about your post for next Sunday and feel free to link up next week. 



  1. I will be ready next week sweet girl!

  2. Love these gift tags! We've been looking at our options for volunteer gifts this year and this is a fun one! Thanks! Also, we're glad to see Sunday Smorgasbord is back!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  3. CUTEST idea! Wish I would have done this instead of what I did do! HA!

  4. So super random but, I LOVE your shoes and have been searching all over for neon yellow tennies. Where did you get them!?

  5. I love the classroom helpers gift! I will definitely be using it next year! Love the nails too! Can't wait til next Sunday :)
    Learnin' Books

  6. Love the gift tags! Thank you!


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