Sunday Smorgasbord: June 8, 2014

  If you are new to this summer linky, welcome! If you are random, then this is right up your alley.  Write a post about all sorts of stuff and link up.  I just ask that you grab the graphic above and link back to this post. Now let's get on with my ramblings. 

Some of my best friends ever, I met through blogging. We've been there for each other through many ups and downs. In fact, I don't know a group of girls who have shared more sadness and celebrations.  So why wouldn't we all decide to get fit together? In mid January I started a journey of healthier food choices and exercise. I'm currently down 34 pounds, with many more to go, but I feel great about my choices and I'm addicted to working out.  I love it more than chocolate! I thought I'd share some of my favorite things I've found while getting fit.  

Fun Workout T's and Tanks!
The first is from and the tank is from
In my journey for a better me, I gave up Diet Coke. This was not easy for a girl drinking 4-6 a day.  But now I'm all about the water. My problem is, I'm not sure I am still drinking enough.  So I found this great jug from This will ensure I'm drinking at least a gallon a day and better yet, a portion of the profits go to giving clean drinking water to those in need.
Next are my saving grace when it comes to sweets. I am trying really hard to get my protein from real, whole foods, but I also rely on protein bars.  Quest Protein Bars are delish! Love this flavor. Pop it in the microwave for 12 seconds and it's even better.

Are y'all still in school? I sure hope not, but if you are I have a great summer review pack for your Kindergarten or First Grade people.  It includes a book list of leveled books, as well as practice in reading, writing and math.  It's also aligned to the Common Core.  In addition to using it as a summer pack, it also could be great review for the last few week.  I also use my Kindergarten pack at the beginning of First Grade with my students that need a little review or intervention.  

Last, I thought I'd share some things I really want, or have, that I love! 
If you haven't figured out, I'm a lover all things fashion. Especially shoes, whether they are running shoes or sandals, I want them! 

These are two of my favorite make up items right now.  Love L'Oreal's Lumi True Match Foundation and yes, They're Real: and long and thick because of this mascara.

Finally, I am loving this dress. I loved  it so much, I bought two.  It's so comfy and fits really well. So cute, and it's affordable from Old Navy.

I can't wait to read your random! Link up!



  1. Quick question. Do you print at home over the school year/summer? I am looking to purchase a new printer because the one I use sucks up the ink so quickly I am burning a hole in my pocket. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss! My vice is Coca Cola, not Diet Coke. I actually made a behavior plan for myself... Every time I work out, I earn a letter. When I spell "Coke," I get to drink one. It's truly embarrassing how well it is working - ha! I LOVE those workout tops, especially the tank!

    I need to try that Old Navy dress and that mascara! Thanks for hosting the party.

    My Carolina Classroom

  3. That gallon of water is awesome! I love that tank top too! Thanks for hosting this link :)

  4. Congrats on all your weight loss! That is great that you are setting healthy goals! I love all the workout gear tees and tennis shoes. I find that if I'm not going to the gym as often if I buy something cute I'm more likely to get back into it. Silly but it works! Thanks for posting and hosting!

    Rambling About Reading

  5. 34 pounds!!! That's AWESOME!! Congrats!

  6. Hi Michelle! Awesome job with your exercise / health plan and your weight loss! I had to change my eating habits last year due to a medical issue and was able to lose some weight as well. Yay! I feel one THOUSAND times better! Don't you?

    I like your review packs. They are cute! Thank you for the random link up. It was fun!

    i Heart Second

    The Think Aloud Cloud

  7. Michelle,

    Wow! Way to go on your weight loss. 34 lbs = AMAZING!!! Love the workout tops.

    You've inspired me to get back to drinking more water!!! Once you get into the habit, it's great.. I notice a huge difference in my skin, food choices, energy, etc... when I put the Coke down and choose water!



  8. Thanks for sharing your randomness! I will have to check out those Quest bars :)
    Fantastic First Grade Froggies

  9. I will have to try out those Quest bars, those look pretty good. Thanks for sharing your randomness :)

    Fantastic First Grade Froggies

  10. Congrats on 34 lbs...that is fantastic!! I've got quite a few to shed myself, so I love the inspiration and I must have that water jug. I'm a complete Diet Coke addict,'s a serious problem, and I have no idea how you quit. Go you!!!! And lastly, I want those Tory Burch shoes so bad, I can't even stand it. I stalk them online all the time...maybe I shouldn't have admitted that :)

    Love the linky!
    First Grade Fairytales


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