Gearing Up!

I'm gearing up for another week tonight and breathing a little easier, because I survived the 100th Day, Valentine's Day and my final evaluation Valentine's Day morning!  So this week should be a breeze.

Speaking of my evaluation. Last week I did a lesson on inflectional endings. We did the ending -ed because our spelling words ended in ed. We talked about past and present, watched a cute Between the Lions video called "It's over Now", read The Day it Rained Hearts and found the -ed words and then did some differentiated centers.
I've posted the centers for free in my Facebook Freebies. You can click here, to visit my Facebook page. 
I also created a few centers for President's Day. I have a write the room and listening center. The rest of my centers are coming from my sweet friend Cara's pack.  If you want mine, click the picture below.
We also celebrated my first baby's birthday.  I can't believe he's 7! 

And finally, as much as I love teaching, I might love fashion even more. Do y'all follow fashion bloggers? If you don't, you must. Here are a few of my faves! You can click their names below to visit their blogs. I'm just warning you, your wallet won't like you, but you'll look amazing! 

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