Finally Finished and SALE!!!

Are you all getting crazy with your credit card like me? I have a gene that was given to my by momma! I have to blame it on someone right? I might have just scored a pair or really cute 130 dollar boots for 24 bucks on 6pm, so I'm saving our family some money, while keeping up with the trends at the same time. I'd call that multitasking at it finest!

In between checking Amazon and a few other sites for deals, I also finished my latest center pack Merry, Merry Mistletoe Centers and More and I'm so excited about it. Is differentiation a huge must at your school, like it is mine? I totally agree that what some kiddos need is not what the others need, but differentiation isn't easy y'all! So I created a center pack that has several different options for the same standard. I've created a video preview of the product, but you only get 5 minutes and dang it, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't talk fast enough, so there is more to the product than what's in the video. I will also be adding to this as the week goes on. I just really wanted to get it posted, so y'all could take advantage of TpT's big sale.
Below is a video preview: (Please don't judge. I sound RIDICULOUS!!)

I also finished my Reading Anchor Charts as well. I needed a simple way to introduce the reading topics, as well as a compact way to display my charts through the year. So I made this product and of course will continue to add to it as the year goes on. You can click on this LINK to see a product preview of it as well.

Speaking of TpT sale I have to share some products that I absolutely love!!! Like can't believe how talented some of these teachers are. It's crazy how much better teaching has become since TpT.
Here are a few items I'm using this week:

 I've done Christmas Around the World for years, but I'm
changing things up and using Sarah's Scrapbook this year. It's so adorable!
I'm also using Stephanie Stewart's unit. Her Power Point and reading passages are amazing. My kiddos read the passage together, we read the questions and the highlight the answers in the text before responding. Talk about kicking butt with the Common Core. She outdid herself!
I also use Deedee's Fluency centers ALL THE TIME! Love them!
Happy Cyber Monday friends. Just a few short hours left. I'm off to shop! 

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