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My fabulous friend Hope King started a new linky.  It's a Tuesday Twist on "Throwback Thursday". I'm really excited about it! This post I chose for today is one on organization.  I can't wait for Thanksgiving break for many reasons, but being able to organize and clean my home is one reason! So here is a post on how my classroom is organized. Of course, things have changed a bit in a year, but you'll get the gist. So here it is:

Originally Posted: December 29, 2012
I love the idea of being organized. I REALLY want to be organized.  In fact...I'm great at organizing, but it falls apart when things get busy. So this year I'm vowing to STAY organized.  

So I'm joining my sweet friends in kicking off the New Year.  

First off I thought I'd show you all how I organize my library.  Here is a picture of my library in its entirety.
Each of my baskets is labeled by theme. 
Each of my books has a sticker inside that matches my labels.  This way students can put the books back in the proper basket. 
 Each of my books is also leveled using a rainbow I created. 
(This idea came from stalking Beth Newingham
(Red 1 is GRL A, Red  2 is GRL B, Red 3 is GRL C, Orange 1 is GRL D, etc.) 
The level is then marked on the sticker on the front of the book.  
If you check out the bucket above. You can see a blue and purple square. That lets my kiddos know that the books in that bucket are all blue and purple.  
My students get to pick their  "rainbow books" or "just right" books for their Reader's Workshop book boxes. 

Next up...Planners. Who doesn't love a little Erin Condren in their life? I have the life planner at home, the teacher planner and the desk calendar.  Here is my desk. 
My teacher planner stays on by guided reading table. We all know, know first grade teacher ever really sits at their desk, until the end of the day.  
Speaking of my guided reading table. I put drawers underneath to keep all of my guided reading tools and extra pens, dry erase, etc.  I also have the Ikea shelves behind me to put my books and other supplies.  
I also love a good primary colored tub for organization.  Here are my math manipulatives.
 Here are my centers and art supplies.
I also love a good binder. Here is my teacher binder. It holds all my week to week craziness. 

Here is my Writer's Workshop Notebook
 My Guided Reading Notebook 

My lesson plan binder 

I also love organization at home. Although with 3 boys (one big, two littles)...it lasts for about 5 seconds. So I won't even show you my disorganized organization at home.  
But I do have goals! 
sources:  Delightful Order     and           iheartorganizing 
So instead I'll just share where I get my inspiration. I love these blogs. 

How do you organize? 



  1. Love getting to see you room! I always start out so organized, and by this time in the year, it's all starting to come off the rails - thanks for the inspiration to maintain it! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. You look soooo organized! You put me to shame!! Nice job! :)

  3. You make me want to go reorganize my guided reading area. You are lucky you have so much shelving!

  4. Do you have a printable of the rainbow you use? Thanks!

  5. Your guided reading notebook makes my eyes hurt it's so organized! I tried really hard to organize myself this summer and I did a good job...then I found out 2 weeks before school started that I got my "dream job"! Since I'm not a regular ed teacher anymore...back to no organization!

    Deniece, This Little Piggy Reads

  6. I have a teenie, tiny room for science. I can't wait to see ideas on organizing! I sure could use some ways to organize all my science supplies for the week.


  7. Love all of the colorful tubs, but somehow it doesn't appear too busy! Great ideas! Would like to know more about your writers workshop notebook. Writing with first graders is such a struggle!

  8. Love the sticker inside the matches the label. That would really help students put things back where they belong!

    The Math Maniac

  9. Love this organization! Where did you get your tub shelves to hold your math manipulatives? We ordered all new materials this year and I have no idea where to store them all! Also, did you just create that lesson plan format yourself? I love how creative and organized they are!


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