Say it isn't Sunday!

I need a good 5 day weekend to get everything done that needs to be completed, and on top of that my house looks like a barn full of farm animals were let loose. No joke! I wouldn't let a neighbor peek in at this point.  

I wanted to share a few things from last week, and some things for next week as well. But before I do, I have to share my sweet four year birthday boy.  He's been such a blessing to our family and he's always good for laugh.  In fact, as we were playing a game at the arcade, he looked over at me and said, "this is brilliant!"  Little smarty pants.  

Last week, not only did we celebrate the 50's, but we also read the story The Littlest Pilgrim
If you want my free unit, you can click HERE
Here is the sweet craft and writing we did from Cara's 50's unit
We also had long a words for our spelling this week. So we had the introduction of the "Super E." Have you seen this awesome video by Mark D. Pencil? The minute I saw it, I knew had the perfect lesson. 
First we watched the video. Then I gave my students their super student glasses I purchased at Michaels.
Then I gave them a mission to find word cards around the room.  They used their super vision and returned to the carpet with all of their cards. 
Next we did a super sort, sorting Super E words from the other words.  
Finally, My kiddos had to apply their learning by highlighting the Super E words and we read them as a group.  
Here is a picture of the package of glasses.
If you would like this lesson with the sort cards and worksheet it's available here.
And finally, this week I'll be doing this adorable book from Creekside Teacher Tales.  I can't wait. My kiddos love the eBook version and that they have their own printable copy to take home. It isn't often that our shared reading is theirs to keep.  
We'll also be doing centers from my Let's Talk About Turkey Centers.
You can grab this free center as well.
Have a blessed Sunday friends.

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