Sunday Smorgasbord

This post is going to be random as always, but it also won't be all that teaching related.  I just got back from a weekend at the lake with some of the most fun girls I know.  I just happen to work with them, so I am very lucky.  My brain is very relaxed from laying on a raft for two days in the sun. And it is SOOOO NOT thinking about school.  I know I need to get my act together and get back to school mode, but I'm giving myself until Monday.  So instead I'll just share some fun finds!

I found this cute back to school post.  It has some fun little ideas. I might do the water bottles from Bloom Design Online for my kiddos open house night.

I also wanted to share my favorite two blogs that aren't teaching related. I am really trying hard to make my house look like theirs.

Some of my favorite apps I've been using are:
This is a wonderful photo editing app! I love it!!! SO MUCH
My friend just told me about this one. It's a really cool journaling app. Just snap a picture and add text. It's such an easy way to keep up with daily events.
Is a personal assistant app. I need one that cleans my house as well.
Have y'all played Ellen's app? How fun!! We pulled this one out at the lake. 
This is a fun Walkie-Talkie app. You can talk instead of texting and hear your sweet friends voices. 
I think my blogging besties and I all need to download this one.  

Next, I thought I'd share a few posts I found with ideas I love:

We've been doing lots of water balloons lately and I thought this was a genius idea from Find it, Make it, Love it. It's also a way mommy wouldn't get soaked:

I also absolutely love Katie's blog and she's a girl after my own heart with her organization.

Hope y'all have a great Sunday and link up below! 

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