Is there a group?

Is there a group for people who compulsively shop? I believe there may be. I also believe that my sweet, quiet, hubby might just sign me up, or lock down the Paypal account.  Not only have I been to,,,, back to, and I also stocked up on all of the great TpT sales. So I thought I'd share some of the amazing teacher things I've bought so far. Too good to pass up I tell ya!
I love Katie King's Busy Teacher's Pack. They are the best for fast finishers, quick and easy centers, etc. 
Erica has super cute activities here!
I have a sub mid December so this was must! 
Susan is super creative. Love this! 
And I bought this for my own little Kindergartener! Kathleen is a genius.
And clipart is my major vice!! I'm the QUEEN OF CLIPART! 

I addition to spending all sorts of money on the sale, I also bought these via Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills. Deanna shared with Deedee, Deedee shared with the bloggy world and I bought! I am serious sweet friends, my kiddos became better readers overnight.  I swear they attend to print so much more with little lights.

I also made you all a little freebie as promised.  It's for that tricky, True and False standard in the Common Core.  All I ask is that you follow me if you download.
Happy Shopping! 

The sale ends soon, so grab these while you can. You can also browse my store in the widget below! 


  1. Loves me a good shopping spree & also have more than one of the TPT items you listed! However, those laser light pointers are sheer genius!!

    Ordering now.

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  2. I'd be right there with you on the addiction club! My laser pointers just arrived yesterday. Going to use them today. Love all of your buys!

  3. Thank you for the shout out, Michelle!!! Those laser pointers are SO smart - sounds like a perfect holiday gift for my kids! :)

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

  4. I've been shopping up a storm this week. So many clever ideas to enrich my tired old ideas. I downloaded the freebie, Santa True & False and I can not get it to print. Is anyone else having that issue? Any tips or ideas? Thanks again, Elizabeth

  5. Thank you for the shout out sweet friend!


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