Reds Sale!

I usually don't throw many sales, except the usuals, but I'm so excited about my Cincinnati Reds, 
that I thought I'd throw a quick sale in honor of their success.
 I love my city and it's so much fun to see the Reds do well.
Plus I just plain love looking at Joey Votto.  Tell me he isn't a cutie pie and a half. 
I think he might feel the same way about me (in my dreams).
We took Drew to his first Reds game today and what an amazing first game.

So if you want to pick up some of my fall favorites they'll be on sale through tomorrow. 
Click below to shop.

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  1. So jealous you got to go!!!!!!!!! My husband got an email for the playoff lottery, but 30 min after, he went to order and it was standing room only!!!!!!! Go Reds!

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