Fun on the Farm

As you all know we've been having lots of fun learning about farms. I love this unit! There is so much fun you can do with farm. I'm going to be working on a lots of fantastic farm activities for you all soon.  
Here are my cute little firsties. Adorable huh? They each chose their favorite farm animal and they are going to write about why it is their favorite. 
Here is the favorite farm animal response sheet.
We also made a favorite farm animal graph. I haven't taken a picture but I will. If you want the graph you can download it by clicking the picture below.

This week I also introduced our Punctuation People and let me tell you...In my 12 years I've never had kiddos so excited over finding punctuation.  After reading my punctuation people book, I gave each student a punctuation person and they had to find a sentence that used that type of punctuation in our morning message. Aren't my kiddos too stinkin' cute. 
Here they are reading their sentence for their punctuation person.  
 I seriously have the cutest first graders! 
My students also started partner reading this week during reader's workshop. My sweet friend Kim Adsit has an awesome reader's workshop unit called Powerful Partnerships. You should definitely check it out.

I'll be back soon with more freebies and photos.
Have a great Monday friends. 


  1. Those punctuation people are cute! I'm just about to begin some lessons on that topic and am looking for a more student-engaging lesson(s). Maybe I'll give it a try this year. Whose TpT store are they in??

    First Grade Fascination


      They're in Michelle's store. Worth every cent!!!
      Growing Firsties

  2. Thanks Michelle for the shout out! Hope y'all have fun! Love the farm faces! Super cute!

    1. I am soooo glad she gave you the shout out so I could find out about your first AND second RW Units!!
      Growing Firsties

  3. I love the Punctuation People! Getting ready to use them soon...we are READY for it!
    Growing Firsties

  4. Love the freebies! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Learn, Play & Have Fun

  5. Hello, Thanks for posting the farm animal graphs -- it's so cute. I'm attaching links for a couple of great farming theme ideas that you might like. I'm doing a farming unit right now with my kinders.

    Farm it Maybe song (sooooooo cute)

    Pig Stories using QR codes and ipods:

    online book: lamb

    online book: chicken

    online book: pony

    online book: ponies and horses

    online book: little pink pug

    playdough farm mats printable

    roll a barn printable game

    farm songs and vocab picture cards

    templates for folded books/lapbooks:

    I especially like the petal books with different numbers of petals (flip out folds):

    5 pigs so squeaky clean song with flannel pieces that flip over:

  6. I love the freebies! Cute ideas!!!

    The Teacher's Treasure Chest

  7. Where did you get the farm animals for the pictures with their sweet faces?


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