I'm Back!

      I'm back from Vegas! It only took me a thousand hours and a firetruck at my plane to get home, but I'm safe and sound on my comfy couch. And I'm back with my babies and my hubby.  I will say though, I'm missing my blogging buds! I had an absolute blast.  
    A lot of the ladies I spent time with were from the south, so if you see me type "y'all" it's because that southern speak rubs off FAST! Here is a photo courtesy of Cheryl at our blogger meet up.  By the way, she's the cutest little thing you ever laid your eyes on.  
     Front Row: Fran Kramer (Kindergarten Crayons), Melissa Kozerski (Lesson Plan SOS), Me, Hope King (Second Grade Shenanigans), Kim Adsit (KinderGals), Cheryl Saoud (Primary Graffiti), Kathleen Pedersen (Growing Kinders), Anna Brantley (Crazy for First Grade), Crystal Radke (Creative in Kinder)
Back Row: Deedee Wills (Mrs. Wills Kindergarten) Deanna Jump (Mrs. Jump's Class), Natalie and Rachelle Smith (What the Teacher Wants)

There was a great turn out and I loved meeting everyone.  It's great to put a face to a name or a blog. Sweet Cheryl put together and little Smilebox of all our sponsors who donated products to give away at the event.  It is attached below.  I'd love to give a special thanks to In a Pikle, Quite a Pear and Steve Harpster who were kind enough to give me products to take to the event.  You have to check out their sites. They are amazing!!!
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
I had such fun and feel so blessed to be part of such a supportive group of teachers and friends.
Speaking of friends, my friend Janine from Faithful in First is having a ginormous giveaway. I've never seen so many prizes in one giveaway ever! I want to win.  I'm joining in and giving away my Punctuation People unit.  Click below to enter.


  1. Y'all look fabulous! What a fun trip. If only we could open our own school with just our bloggy friends...
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Yikes! Sounds like the way home was not... ideal. It was so great to meet you Michelle :) I hope all you gals had a blast in my lil ole city of sin!

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

  3. Meeting you was an absolute delight and I am still smiling all the way back in Red Bluff . . . dippy, but oh so true :) The trip was a blast (the hubs and I even won BIG at the tables that night) and I already have Vegas Twenty-Thirteen marked on the calendar! Thanks again :)

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  4. Welcome back! You guys had a blast, I can tell by those smiling faces. Thanks for the shout out on the giveaway, isn't it great!

    Faithful in First

  5. Meeting you this week was such a treat!! I'm still coming down from my Sin City highs! Thank you for taking the time to chit chat with all of us. It truly made my night! There were so many sweet southern ladies with you all week that you must now be an honorary southern bell through mere association-- so I say go ahead and Yall it up :)

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  6. Hey there! I'm giving you the versatile blogger award! Head on over to my website to check it out!

    Teaching With Ms. Mel

  7. Makes me wish I taught K/1. Glad you had a blast.

    ❤Jodi from...
    ★★The Clutter-Free Classroom★★
    Helping Teachers Get Organized

  8. Michelle,
    It was so special to meet you. You have an amazing blog and I just wish we could have spent more time chatting. Okay... Vegas 2013- are you in? You better plan on attending!
    Hugs to you,

  9. So jealous and mad that I missed meeting you!!! I love the slide show. Thanks for the shout out in it. Happy to donate.


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