Let the countdown begin...

3 days and this girl will be free for a whole week! Spring Break...here I come. Mickey Mouse is calling my name! This princess is ready to check out her castle with her three favorite men! I might just be more excited then my kiddos y'all.  But until this girl gets to the "Happiest Place on Earth," I'll keep plugging away with my first grade friends.  

I swear these three days need to contain about 900 hours for me to get everything completed that are required of me this week.  So here's some things we've done this week, things I've kind of accomplished and things that need to happen! 

1. I went shopping for a bathing suit. Now... come on girls. You know how painful this is. I went shopping for hours and came home with these: 
Pretty sure you can't wear those in the pool, but they are so stinkin' adorable on! My hubby couldn't understand how any girl could go shopping for 5 hours and not return with a bathing suit.  Ummm...pretty sure he didn't want to see me in some of the suits I tried on. Now...I've lost 45 pounds since my last bathing suit, so I'm pretty sure I better find something fast.  But I have T-minus 3 days to do it, so I'm cutting it close.  I'm about to buy a unitard like my sweet friend Abby and call it a day.

2.  I have an adorable friend who shall remain nameless, but she has the most beautiful hair you have ever seen in your life! EVER! I was super jealous and then she let me in on her little fab-hair secret. She wears clip in extension.  OMG! You would never know in a million years.  I'm so getting some. You probably think I'm crazy!  Have you all ever tried them? I'm thinking about these. If anyone has anyone has them, please give me feedback.  I can't wait to share my fabulous hair with ya! 

3.  How adorable is this little guy?  Don't you love him? Our kindergarten kiddos hatched chicks and ducklings and we decided to go kidnap this duckling and let him hang in our classroom for a bit.  Just let me tell you...ducklings are not easy to catch.  He was such a stinker, but we loved having him.   

4. My first graders have been working hard on our Spring Centers

They loved our spring fact family center in particular, so I thought I'd make another one.  I've had these great owl graphics that I bought from printcandee.com, just because they were so pretty. So I thought I'd make this little freebie for you. Click below to download this center. 

5. Finally...my sweet little baby, got a big boy, spiked-up haircut and now this mama is seriously wondering what the heck she was thinkin'.  He's adorable, no matter what, but he looks so old now. Maybe we can get him some extensions too.  LOL! 
Have a great week friends!


  1. Omg! That duckling is the cutest thing EVER!!!

  2. Awww...your little guy is adorable! Thanks for the freebie..so sweet of you!


  3. 1) Bathing suits are evil!
    2) Shoes are super cute.
    3) Go for it with extensions!
    4) I WANT that duck!
    5) He does look very grown up:)

    Three more days!

    Going Nutty!


  4. My daughter has extensions and loves them. She has longer hair to begin with, so she does not wear them a lot. Bathing suits make me ill. However, the biggest celebration is how did you lose 45 pounds since your last bath suit!?! Tell me the secret, girl. I AM SERIOUS!!
    Enjoy your break. I am on spring break now and it had better slow down!!

    1. Exercise and MyFitness Pal- I swear by that site. I track everything I eat.

  5. LOVE the duckling!!!
    I want to know more about these clip ins . . .
    Your son is ADORABLE!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  6. If you can steal that duckling away again...try putting him in a clear plastic storage tub you have filled with water and watch him swim and dive. You will think you are at the zoo!! CUTE Cute Cute. I wish I could get eggs to hatch again.

    Terri Izatt

  7. Love your blog and thanks for the owl fact family freebie! Have a great Spring Break!
    First Grade Shenanigans

  8. Yes can you do a how to after you master the clip ins? I laughed at you coming home with shoes. Perfect!
    45 pounds!? That's wonderful! How exciting!
    Have fun at Disney and Spring Break!!!

  9. I have 3 and half days until spring break and I'm about to bust I'm so ready. But I'm super jealous you're headed to Disney. One of my kiddos is going to Disney and he said I could hide in his luggage. So that's a possibility. I just recently bought a couple of swimsuits for my honeymoon. I found them at JC pennys which shocked me. I don't know if you've looked there or you have one of those. But I thought I'd pass along the hint.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

  10. Have fun at Disney!! love the shoes :)

    Color Me Kinder

  11. Thanks for sharing the freebie~ I love, love, love owls~
    Have fun at the Disney Parks! My family and I went back in January and had a BLAST~ Happy Spring Break~

    Join me over at www.fieldofpoppies.blogspot.com

  12. I love your produtcs Michelle! Have fun Disney! I love that place :) I am going to use my TpT Credits to get your Spring Center Packet right now :)

  13. That duckling is so cute!! I agree with you about shopping for bathing suits. I always dread it. I love your shoes! Have fun at Disney!!

    The First Grade Dream

  14. Oh, my kids are on spring break this week, and since I am a stay at home PB writer, I count down the days till they go BACK! Six more. Ha.

  15. I cannot wait for spring break either! I hope you have a great trip and find a suit! That duckling is so cute.

  16. Thank you for the freebie, so cute. Enjoy your trip to Disney(I live just an hour away). Your little ones are a perfect age for it. You definitely should do a character breakfast and the Epcot Flower and Garden Show. Enjoy!

  17. Such cute pics! Sweet duckling and baby boy!! Love the shoes, too! Have a great trip!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  18. I have one question - If your spring break is not until now, when do you actually get out of school for the summer?

    I'm in Kansas and we had our spring break in March, school is out May 18th.

    Swimming suits are so unforgiving - even after losing weight. Last spring I lost 22 pounds and my bottoms practically fell off, but I couldn't find another one! LOL! Maybe this year...


    P.S. In case you're wondering, I only swim in my own pool so no one saw my baggy drawers. Heehee. ;-)

    1. We get out May 31st! So not much left after Spring Break which will be nice.

  19. I feel your bathing suit pain! There MUST be something wrong with those fitting room mirrors!
    Have fun!!! {Love the shoes!}
    Christie :)
    First Grade Fever

  20. HI! I am tagging you and now you are it. Come by my blog to find out more.


  21. 45 lbs. That's awesome!!
    Enjoy Disney. We just got home today from Disneyland. Loved it!!!


  22. Congratulations on 45 pounds. That is great. The shoes are adorable... Have fun at Disneyland!
    First Grade Delight

  23. Go for the clip-ins! I LOVE mine!! :) They take me awhile to put in so I usually only wear them on the weekends. They are so fun though! Have fun on spring break! :)

    Second Grade Sugar and Spice

  24. Our SB was last week and my son and I spent it in DISNEY!!! We had a BLAST!!! You will too!!


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