Here goes a little bit of a confession session friends:

1. I must confess that I have a major crush on Michael Buble'.  I could seriously listen to that man sing the alphabet.  Did you all watch his Christmas special tonight? He seriously makes me swoon.  My little first grade girls have those Bieber Fever shirts. I would totally wear Michael Buble' for all the world to see, fashion faux pas or not!  Love him! 
2. Last night I stayed up late making Christmas cookies for the RACKING we are doing. I also had to stay up and make sure St. Nicholas did his job and Tiny the Elf was moved. {The mommy's Christmas duties are never done!} But anyway....Just let me tell you all, I had a serious belly ache all day. I think I ate way too many cookies in the baking process.  If I never see a cookie again, it may be too soon.  BLEH!!! {The skinny jeans are not feeling real comfy at this point}

3. I love, love, love my job, but friends, this might be the longest 8 days of my life.  My kiddos are so sweet and our days usually fly by, but I swear today from 12:15-12:30 felt like an eternity. I tell you, that clock ceased to move and every time I looked at it, it felt as if time was standing still! In fact, at one point I ran to the iPhone to make sure my school clock hadn't stopped.

4. I've been secretly becoming darker via a tan in a can.  I couldn't take my paleness for one more minute and because it gets dark here before I can even cook dinner, my body rarely sees light.  So St. Tropez tanning foam it is! 

5. I'm currently watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and I don't know what I will do when the season ends.  I mean...are these ladies for real? I know it says so in the show's title, but come on. This is so far from my reality and I LOVE IT! I would love to go to a party with these wackadoos! How normal would you feel?  You'd feel poor... but normal none the less.

6. My kiddos love playing Sight Word: I have, who has.  They are trying to beat their best time and I secretly think I may love it more than them. But I'm also more competitive. I seriously break out in a cold sweat when the time starts to get close to our personal best.  I really do start freakin' (inside of course) when we are waiting for longer than 3 seconds for the next person to say their words.  This can't be normal and I might need to seek counseling. 

   While we are on the topic of sight words, if you bought my Super Sight Words Pack then you know I've also uploaded a game extension pack and Sight Word: I have, who has. In addition I just made a little Bingo game with the words for each quarter. You can download a copy of the BINGO below.  And thus, this ends my confession session.  Have a good night friends! I'll be dreaming of Michael Buble and sleeping in one day soon! 


  1. I saw the Christmas Special too! LOVED IT!!!

    Kindergarten Is A Hoot

  2. watched Buble...Then biggest loser...and now your confessions...yup a great night!

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  4. 1. Does your tan in a can work??? Do you get any funny lines around the ankles and on your wrists?
    2. I will go to a BH party with you but we must go in a limo and have a glass of wine on the way.
    3. What is up with this Donna person -- she left the exact same comment on my blog. ???
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. Hi Michelle. Your post gave me the biggest giggle after a day of subbing on the most horrendous class. I am sure your classroom clock teleported itself into my classroom today....:S As for your Michael Buble crush...I am so hearing you :D I haven't seen Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, here in Australia (mind you I haven't searched that well...may have to now though, lol!). Thanks for the smiles and happy rest of the week to you.
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  6. Hi! I love Michael Buble also! (It's okay my husband knows ;). We watched the Christmas special last night and I WaNt to see him in concert!

  7. I LOVE Michael Buble!!! I have his channel on Pandora and his Christmas Album in my iTunes!!!! LOVED the Christmas special!!!!! I'm feeling you with the slowest 8 days of the school year!!!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

  8. I am awarding you the sunshine award. Head on over to my blog and check it out!!

    PS...I also LOOOVVEE Michael Buble! I have all of his cds and listen to him on the daily! I totally agree about the longest days, we still have a week and a half after this one! >:(

  9. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Stop by my blog to pick it up!!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  10. I hate to break this to you Michelle, but Michael is all mine! lol I saw him 2 times here in Atlantic City. The first time I got to meet him and he kissed my cheek. A parent of one of my students was the entertainment coordinator at The Borgata and she gave me free tickets in row 11. What a night. I saw him again this past summer. This school year I have another child of that same parent so we'll see what's in store if Mr. Buble comes back to Atlantic City this summer! Don't hate! lol


  11. I LOVE MB too! It's the voice, oh sing to me & like you, those would be S.W.E.E.T. dreams!!

    I am OOBER upset that I missed the Christmas special...have to see if it's in Xfinity as a play back, now!


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