MUST READ! Your Graphics Questions Answered and More!

If you don't read anything else I write, PLEASE READ TODAY.  As teacher sellers, bloggers and givers, teachers need to be aware that the designers of the graphics we use all have different expectations, rules and terms of use.  It is only fair that we abide by their terms and we understand "what is" and "what is not" allowed.  So I contacted many fabulous artists and asked them every question under the sun! Poor girls.  They all were so kind to reply. I then created a chart of the questions and their answers and sent it to each artist for their approval.  I received approval from all but one artist who I removed from the list.  The designers I included not only made their terms clear but also have amazing graphics at reasonable prices! I love them all. These will be the only designers I will use.  

I also have some exciting news! 

Cheryl Seslar has JUST created a new Teachers Only License! 
The license is 49.99 and is a special use license for teachers and educators only. Once purchased you may use all her images to create teaching materials, newsletters, sheets, plans, and other teaching materials in a secure PDF or jpeg format to sell digitally from your own site, eBay, etsy, or any other teaching site that offers digital images for sale. You are NOT allowed to give them away for free, but can offer 1-2 freebies you have created with her images once a month. You may NOT use them for smartboards or any other format that the images are not secured. CREDIT MUST BE GIVEN TO WWW.CHERYLSESLARDESIGNS.COM OR WWW.INFO@RAGGEDYSCRAPPIN.COM

Cheryl is so sweet she is offering a discount code for you all for 1 week only! So head on over and buy this license now.  Use coupon code teacher25 to receive 25% off!

You do NOT need Cheryl's Seslar's License to sell items made with her graphics purchased at Scrappin Doodles if you are selling from your own site.  Denyse at Scrappin Doodles already purchased a license for this purpose. You DO NEED  her Teachers Only License if you are selling on Teachers pay Teachers or Teacher's Notebook.

In more exciting news! 
Please check back tomorrow. Two artists have offered to do a giveaway on my little blog. 
I'll tell you who tomorrow! 
Clipart Terms of Use1
Until then upload the document above and keep it somewhere safe! 



  1. Thanks for doing this! The spreadsheet is so helpful. The terms of use are often confusing and this makes it really clear.

    Swimming into Second

  2. This is awesome Michelle! Thanks for all of your hard work to sort it all out. I miss having kiddos in your class this year :(


  3. Thanks, Michelle!
    You're the best! I appreciate all of your hard work on this. It's super helpful!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  4. MICHELLE!!!! YOU ARE SERIOUSLY AMAZING FOR DOING THIS!!!!!!! {It's almost like you should sell this document because of all of all the work you did}. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


  5. Thanks for this! I'll refer to it often.

  6. Teaching is all about giving and YOU are a gift! Thank you for giving your talents so selflessly to us. I appreciate you!!

  7. Thank you so much! I am so confused by all of this and have not started creating because I am afraid of getting in trouble! This will be my bible!

  8. Thanks this makes it all clear to me now!

  9. So can we not use Alice Smith's clipart? Does she have a license?

  10. Thank you for all of your hard work compiling this information!!

    ❤Mrs. McKown
    Little Literacy Learners

  11. You are wonderful!!

    I love your blog and just nominated you for one of my top ten. Get your award here:
    See my post here:


  12. Thanks so much for your hard work!!!

  13. Thanks for sharing! I posted some files I had made for friends to TpT that I did not think I could! Woo-hoo!

  14. THANK YOUUU! this is a great resource!

  15. This is amazing. Thank you for creating & sharing such a great resource!

  16. Thank you SO much for taking the time to do this!!! I have been at a stand still on my blog because I was so confused as to TOUs!! Now I will get busy with some freebies!


  17. Thanks so much for the information!! Do you know where the license for Just so Scrappy is located? I looked on the webpage and could not find it!

  18. Thank you for compiling this together! I even see some artists that I've never looked at before. I can't wait to check their stuff out.


  19. Thank you! This couldn't have come at a better time- I was just trying to sort through all of this stuff tonight.

  20. Thank you for sharing! A definite must read for any teacher blogger. I have include a link to this post on my resource page.

  21. Thanks for this info!!!

    Just wanted to let you know that I picked you as one of my top ten blogs! :) Here is the link:

    Thanks for being so inspiring!!!!


  22. Thank you! This is truly awesome. :) I'll tuck it away safe on my computer AND on my Amazon cloud!

  23. Thank you! I have been thinking about making my own thing but was worried that I would get into "trouble" for reading something wrong. This is extremely helpful!!!

  24. Thanks so much for helping my confused & overwhelmed mind! This is all brand new to me, so I greatly appreciate your help!

  25. Such wonderful information, thank you!!


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