Got Milk? (Farm and Fall Sale)

Hi Friends! 
  I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.  I'm super excited about fall! I went out today and spent a bajillion dollars at Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx on fall decor. I just love how cozy fall feels! 
  Therefore, it is the perfect time for a farm unit and we just ended ours. This past week we spent a lot of time discussing products that come from the farm.  We also learned all about dairy farms and the process milk goes through to get from the farm to you! At the end of this unit, it was fitting that we make a product that comes from the farm. We made BUTTER! YUM! Below are pictures of my sweeties doing the Butter Boogie! This is super simple if you haven't experienced it.  You simply need a little heavy whipping cream, (salt is optional), and a container with a nice tight lid! 

 Enjoying our butter on mini bagels. DELISH! 

We also did this cute little writing activity about our favorite farm animals.  They are currently displayed in the hallway, but I will put them together as a class book in a week or two.  

    I have also received lots of emails about my farm unit. I haven't put it together in a file for sale, but I have created a set of 6 farm centers, some of which are pictured in this post. If you are interested in purchasing these fun farm activities you can get them now for 15% off.   Because I LOVE Fall, I've decided to run a Happy Fall Sale at my Teachers pay Teachers store! The sale ends Monday night.  


  1. Very cool! I am not doing farm for a while, so this is perfect!



  2. We do our farm unit in the fall, so I am going to have to remember your great ideas. I would love to come see your room sometime I am in Columbus. It is so colorful and looks so fun!!

  3. Make butter!? What a super idea! We also do a Farm theme, but I had never thought of incorporating this little Science experiment. Thanks for the idea and for the freebie! :)

  4. How fun for your students!! What a great lesson :)

  5. How long did it take for the mixture to become butter? Just wondering incase I try it in two weeks when we talk about the farm.

  6. I make butter with my kids each year when we learn about Long Ago and Now. I love the Butter Boogie! It will be perfect for next week. Thanks!


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