H-E-L-P Who wants to help me?

Okay friends,
  Apparently my new principal must think I'm creative or something, and boy is he mistaken. Because he asked me to come up with a saying for a school t-shirt.  This girl has L-E-T, let him down. (Don't ask why I'm spelling everything out. I guess I might have a little cheerleader in me).  
  Anyway... the point of this post.  He needs a saying by Friday morning and I've got nada, nothing, zilch! This girl was up until 2:30 laminating, cutting and Pinteresting. There has been no time for thinking.  
  So, I've got a little challenge for YOU! I'm going to list some facts about my sweet little school below and you get to come up with a cute t-shirt saying.  I'll forward the sayings to my very TALL, super nice, new principal and he'll pick his FAVE!  If your saying is chosen, you get 20 dollars worth of products from my Teachers pay Teachers store free. You take your pick and I'll send! 
   Please help a girl out. I can't let my new boss down before school even starts. That would be S-A-D, sad.

Facts about my school:
Name: Reading Hilltop Elementary
Grades: PreK-5
Mascot: Reading Blue Devils
School Colors: Blue and White
Number of Students: 400
We are pretty small. One bus for the whole district. Most kids walk or get picked up by stay at home parents or babysitters. 
Other: Reading has 2 elementary schools, one at the bottom of hill in Reading and one at the top.  From the name of my school I'm sure you can guess our location. We are rated Excellent on the state report card.

I can't wait to hear some great ideas because I'm O-U-T out! 
The deadline to enter your saying is 2 p.m. Eastern tomorrow



  1. Maybe a little corny, but...

    "Reading Hilltop tops the rest!" (with a picture of the mascot)


  2. Reading Hilltop...where every child's learning tops the hill.

  3. Reading Hilltop
    At the top and staying there!

  4. Reading Blue Devils
    We Spark the Love of Learning!

  5. Reading Hilltop- It's more than a name. It's our destination!

  6. Climbing the Hilltop to Success

  7. The View from Hilltop Is Mighty Fine! or Hilltop School is Standing Tall!( a play on the book about Wayside School is Falling Down by Louis Sachar.)

  8. We Climb to the Top at Reading Hilltop!

    Expect Success, Nothing Less Reading Hilltop beats the rest or Expect Success, Nothing Less Reading Hilltop is the BEST!

    Hope this helps you out! :)
    Rambling About Reading

  9. What about a large iphone/ipad/ipod with the phrase "iLearn" at Reading Hilltop Elementary. Then inside the ipod, design apps relevant to learning. It could be as generic as math, reading, or something more personal to your school.
    You could even have earbuds coming out from it with a devil listening or just a kid. The possibilities are endless!

  10. Elevate your child's educational experience at Reading Hilltop!

    Reading Hilltop Elementary - "Readers" today, Leaders tomorrow

    Reading Hilltop - Providing your child with the best view of the future

    Reading Hilltop - Setting our standards high about the rest!

    Reading Hilltop - High above the rest!

    Go to new heights at Reading Hilltop!


  11. Making the climb at Reading hilltop.

    build our students up at Reading Hilltop.

    Reading Hilltop: Achieving New Heights

    Reading Hilltop: A Cut Above the Rest

    A View From Above at Reading Hilltop

    I was thinking something about the sky and clouds too, because of your colours. hmmm.

    Bright and Clear at Reading Hilltop

    Can you tell I want to win?!?

    Hope they spark an idea...


    Back Hall Collaborators

  12. How about:

    Hilltop Blue Devils Top the Rest


  13. Reading Hilltop... success is worth the climb!

    I'm making the climb to success at Reading Hilltop school!


  14. Tip Top "Readers"

  15. It's short and sweet...


    (It has a double meaning... Reading school and reading books:)

    It's a take from the GOT MILK? campaign. We made Tshirts for our family reunion that said, GOT FAMILY? It had all of our names on the back.
    You could have names of kids or teachers listed on back. You could possibly have kids pay $5-10 for their name on the back of shirt.

    G-O-O-D luck!! ;)

  16. "Catch the Reading Wave" {maybe with your school mascot surfing and reading a book or with a Hawaiian theme}

  17. Reading Hilltop is the school for Me!

    I flip for Reading! With a kid doing flips on the front

    Jennifer Wagoner

  18. Reading Rocks!

    Again, with the double meaning. Not too creative, but there is a lot that could be done w/the graphic.

    How about them apples?

  19. I'm top of the class at Hilltop Elementary!

  20. Enjoying our view from the Top or Enjoying our view from Hilltop. Maybe you could have some teachers at the top of the hill looking towards the bottom of the hill where kids are reading or learning? Just an idea! Hope you're able to figure something out!

  21. I'm SO not creative when it come to this kinda stuff...just wanted to tell you that I LOVE this post!! Cracking me up, girl!!! Can't wait to hear what your principal decides!!! These are ALL CAH-ute suggestions!!! Love it!

    Cara :)
    The First Grade Parade

  22. Reading rocks at Hilltop!

    Hilltop (hearts) Reading

    Hilltop Blue Devils: Reading, Leading, Succeeding

    Having Fun K-1


  23. Reading Hilltop where Excellence cannot be stopped! But the word hilltop should form a hill. And the word excellence would be written at a diagonal (like it is shooting for the skies).

    Or a picture of a blue devil chanting "Go, go, go" (this could even go on the front) and the saying "At Reading Hilltop Elementary we strive for excellence, don't you know?" (on the back)-- Or if it has to be one side you could have the saying first and then a blue devil cheering on the side.

    Or We're headed for the TOP and we cannot be stopped! Reading Hilltop Elementary
    I hope you find your winning shirt!
    Kinders on the Block

  24. Up the Hill we are tops in Reading! Good Luck!

  25. Hilltop
    Love of
    That tops
    Parade to the top

    ( footprints on a path to a picture of you school... Bold the first letters to spell Hilltop)

  26. Being only 2 schools - I think not pointing out "we're the best" would be best. So my idea is to have a kid drawing of a stickman hiking up and mountain with the phrase Staying On Track. Have the Elementary School name near the top of the mountain, thus implying the Hilltop but that everyone is working hard to reach the top in academics.

  27. How about "Reading gets done at the Top of the Hill"

    & a picture of your mascot, reading a book on top of/in front of the school.

    Hope this helps!

  28. "It All Starts in Reading" with a picture of your school or generic school pic.
    Good luck! Lots of great ideas posted so far!

  29. Reading will take you on great adventures! or
    Reading will take you to new heights!

    A Day in First Grade

  30. Reading Hilltop is the TOP of the HEAP!

  31. Shout from the TOP -- Reading Hilltop Rocks!


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