Fabulous in First: Store {Grand Opening Sale}

Click below to go to my new store. Get some great back to school centers, reading graphic organizers and graphing activities for the whole year!

If you have items that you would love to sell, Teacher’s Notebook is great.
First Year FREE!
NO Listing and NO Sales Fees
(Just pay Paypal’s fee)
Safe and Secure through PayPal
(You get paid right away!)

My 25% off sale ends August 31st


  1. Thanks for the free downloads! I love your activities!

  2. I love the G.O. Book idea!! Thanks so much for sharing, yet another, wonderful idea! Where do you find the poems that you use weekly? I haven't had that much success with finding enough poems to introduce weekly for my first graders.

    Thanks a bunch!

  3. Kristy- I've been doing this for 11 years so I have collected lots of poems over the years on the internet that match my theme. Go to http://just4teachers.blogspot.com. She has a whole blog dedicated to poems.


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