Springing Out with Bunnies! (And a little randomness)

      When your students are walking down the hallway in circles and you can't make it 5 steps without someone touching someone and hearing about 10,000 tattles in a matter of a minute, it might be time for a break! So the countdown begins. While I love my little people, they need out of our classroom! So this last week, we're springing out! We're going to be doing the Bunny Hokey Pokey, some super springy centers and maybe even an educational egg hunt.   
                                   {Photos Coming Soon}

      We started our unit on rabbits last week by filling out a rabbit schema sheet. Then we created this schema chart.  We added to it throughout the week, after reading Gail Gibbons, Rabbits, Rabbits, and More Rabbits. We'll be lots more next week, so stay tuned.  
     Also this week, we started a unit on the 100's chart, counting beyond 100 and counting by 2's, 5's and 10's.  You could hear a pin drop in my room this week as my students wrote numbers, some to 500! Nothing makes writing your numbers more exciting than writing them on register tape.  Watching that number line grow and grow is to first graders, as Targets Dollar Spot is to teachers. 

I also just posted a FREE little spring time "I Have, Who Has...Addition Game" on TpT.  If you'd like it, click on the picture below.


  1. Thanks for the free game! I love me some "I Have . . . Who has . . . ?"


  2. Thank you for the free I have, who has! I love the bunny schema organizer! I am enjoying your blog!


  3. Love it - thanks for sharing. I will use it with my high K's.


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