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Yet another post of randomness.  Well there is some direction to this post, but mostly just randomness. 

So I made my weekly trip 3rd trip in week, to Target and found some ever so cute things in the dollar bin.  Whoever thought you could spend so much after just 5 steps into a store? And then I made my way next door to another 
Fab-u-lous store called Michael's! You know they put those stores together on purpose. To trap teachers!! 

And I found the following: 

How cute is this stuff? I love giving my little guy's teachers gifts for no reason. I think all teachers deserve random thank you gifts. 

Then I made my way to Michael's where I found WAY TOO MUCH!

If you are planning on doing this cute little idea that Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade shared, then head to Michael's. They have heart cookie cutters on sale for $0.49

They also had these for $0.99! How cute are these banners for your holiday party or even before.  

As I was blog stalking I saw a post about using cute little pointers for Guided Reading.  So the minute I saw these I knew exactly what I'd use them for, and unfortunately it won't be to stir my martini :) 
They also had these cute little buckets for a dollar! 
So I decorated it up and it will hold our new heart pointers.

And last...
I thought I'd share one of my favorite items in my classroom.  My Teacher To Do Frame.  It's simply a document a made, cut to fit and put in an 8 x 10 picture frame.  You simply use a dry erase marker to write down your To Dos. Check them off and erase when you need write new ones.  Sit it on your desk or guided reading table and you won't forget those copies, plans, etc. any more! 

Click Here to Download Teacher's To Do's

Remember! You will have to trim to fit in the frame. 


  1. I love the to do frame!!! How cute and I always make a to do list. Now my to do list will be super cute!

  2. Very cool idea! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Guess where I am headed tomorrow lol :)

    Very cute to do list- I have been writing mine on the board- I tell my students to add things to my list :)

  4. Love the frame idea!


  5. I love it all! I just made a trip to Target and the dollar store today, too. If only I had more money to spend on such cute things! I especially love the to do list. Very cute! :)

  6. Love your to do list idea...super cute! The blog makeover is also adorable by the way!


  7. Thanks girls! Gladys-This is my own mini makeover until Cara Carroll does the real one!

  8. Such a cute to-do list!! It beats wasting paper! I have a teacher trap by my house too...target, dollar tree, michaels. big lots AND trader joes all in one shopping center!! really??

  9. I love it! Thank you for the download!

  10. I love it. I know I'll be stopping by Target tomorrow.

  11. After reading this I immediately ran out to Michael's for those heart swizzle sticks. Thanks for the idea! I can't wait to use them.


  12. I just went to Target this weekend and got tons of things from the dollar bin! I LOVE the frame idea! Thanks

  13. Wow that to do frame is very clever! Thanks for sharing!


  14. Love, love, love it! I found you through Teachers Who Blog and I'm glad! What great ideas (I'm in love with Michael's too). Can't wait to make one of those Teacher's To Do lists. Currently I'm in my senior year of undergraduate and this summer I start my Masters in Education. I'm always looking for ideas!

  15. hi I just found your blog and i love it!! this idea is so cute! i teach 2nd grade :)

  16. love. love. love! :)



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