A Few of My Favorite Things! Well...Maybe a lot!

Fun in First Grade is having a linky party and I'm linking up with some of my many favorite things! 

Shoes & Purses (I guess that's two, but they go hand in hand, they always fit and I'm obsessed with cute, uncomfortable shoes and designer handbags).


Everyone has their vice. This is mine.  Bottled water is so overrated. :) 

Someone has to smell good after gym and August/September recess.


This new Etsy shop I found and love. I love super girly jewelry and she has very cool stuff.

Reality T.V.
All of the housewives, Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, Say Yes to the Dress, etc. Oh, how I mourned the end of The Hills. {SIGH}

Love being tan, but don't love skin cancer? These are amazing! 


 I love throwing parties! Can you tell? I go a bit overboard. Hence the petting zoo in my suburban backyard.

Love me, some Victoria Secret Lip Gloss.  

Flair Pens- My handwriting looks so much better with Flair!

What are your favorites? Link up with me at Fun in First Grade


  1. Thanks for playing along. I'll have to try those tanning towels. Do you order them somewhere?


  2. Flair pens are amazing and so are shoes!!

    Very cute party!! I am throwing my sister a simple country themed baby shower, that should be fun!

  3. Okay, I am in love with that purse that you have pictured! Who is the designer? I am on a mission to find.that.purse!!

  4. I love, love, love the flair pens too! Those are my must have! I have a cup on my desk filled with all different colors. I agree...my writing looks so much better with them!! :)


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