Snow Day Randomness! (Warning: No rhyme or reason...)

I am very thankful to have chosen a profession in which you get random days off for that icy white mess we call snow.  Although, I would have appreciated an earlier phone call or post on the morning news, as I found out as I was walking out the door with two tired, but dressed little boys.  Therefore, there was no sleeping in for this tired mama. Which wasn't good, because I thoroughly anticipated a snow day today and went to bed way too late last night! But anyway, enough rambling... 

I thought I'd post some of the random pictures I've taken lately since I actually have time on this very sweet...Snow day! 

So does anyone use Floam? I love this stuff. No mess, it sticks together nicely and your students can make their sight words.  These are some my little guy made. (So much better than Playdough and that awful, smelly Moon dough stuff!)

Our snowmen quilt squares I posted about earlier. Didn't they turn out so cute!


Here is my little guy. I'm so proud. He's three and counting and matching from 1-24 with this cute little sea creature center I made for him.  (Please excuse our table. We really do have nice furniture but this is what happens when you have a 1 and 3 year old, trains and hand sanitizer!)

Hope you all had an equally wonderful day!


  1. How cute is that snowball throwing activity?! LOVE IT! I'm off today too - our last "built in" day. Tomorrow, assuming we're going to be off AGAIN, will be the first day we tack on to the end of the year. Boo.

    Have fun with your little guy!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am enjoying a nice day off, too! Love all your ideas!!! Claire~

  3. I feel your pain with the late call, the no call etc... we have been inundated with snow days lately. We totally thought yesterday was going to be a we stayed up a little late Tuesday night,no such luck, needless to say it was tough getting up and out in the morning~grouchy mom and 3 grouchy boys-lol. I love the floam idea, what happens after? Can you just put it into ziplock bags and should you break it up into the colors again?

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  5. Michelle, would you mind telling me your email address? Thanks!!!!

  6. Thanks girls!
    Abby, my email is
    I didn't realize it's not on here. I'll add it.

  7. The floam lasts forever in a ziplock bag. I think it looks cool mixed, so we just keep it that way. I can't imagine trying to separate the colors now.

  8. I really like the idea of using floam to create words. I have a question does it dry out? I have seen it in the dollar store once. But i love the way kids can mold it. TIA


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