Bookmarks! Get your Bookmarks

This holiday I decided to change our gift to the student's parents at the very last minute.  I found this cute little idea to make bookmarks on Oopsey Daisy! an adorable blog I follow.  As soon as the snow passes and I get back in my classroom, I'll post pictures of my kid's creations. Their bookmarks are absolutely adorable and I know they are something their parents will treasure.  I also added a label on the back of the bookmark with a little poem I wrote:
Each night I read to you
These moments I hold dear
This gift is for when you read
So you'll always have me near 

For visiting me I thought I'd give you the gift of a bookmark as well. Here is a bookmark I created and laminated for my student's parents to use when they listen to their child read their nightly readers!  I hope you find it useful.  


  1. I am so glad you liked my bookmarks, and I bet they made perfect little student gifts!! I absolutely love your blog.... I feel such a bond to first grade teachers!! Merry Christmas!


  2. Thanks Alison! I have tried so many projects that you post. Thank you so much for the cute little idea. I can't wait to post pictures, because they turned out adorable!!!


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