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Sunday Smorgasbord

Hi all,
   We had a whirlwind week and weekend, so I'm finally getting to this lonely blog.  I thought I'd share some personal and school fun from this week.  I'll get right to it. 
   This week while I had lots of fun with all my groups, my favorite activities were with my first graders and third graders.  In first grade we focused on Mrs. Wishy Washy and her short i in her name. We reviewed short i, through games, sheets and a little book I made.  
Sorting words. Only short i words will do for Mrs. Wishy Washy.  I only have a short amount of time for lots of work, so I always have the pieces precut.  
This is going to be in a set of mini books I'm making. I've been combining sight words and short vowels in these books. Each book has something for the students to add to practice the skill.

 And I love this spinner activity from my sweet friend Cara
In 3rd grade during our intervention time, we focused on the book Stellaluna.  We hit lots of skills in our small group that students were struggling with on their last assessment. I took all of these skills and inlcuded them in my unit.  I focused special attention on vocabulary and using context clues, as my students are really having some difficulty with this. Their limited vocabulary is affecting their reading and comprehension.  
We did a text talk lesson, played a vocab matching game and then I assessed the students knowledge of vocabulary.
 We also put the events of the story in order and then wrote a summary and focused on identifying the main idea.
Point of view and the importance of illustrations were another skill we needed to hit.  This one surprising was harder for them, than I thought it would be, but it was a great lesson. 
 In addition to reading Stellaluna, students also read a nonfiction passage on bats and we compared the two pieces of text. 

If you purchased this unit, I found a small typo and realized some other things I wanted to add, after completing the unit. Those items have been fixed and added, so you can download this unit again.  
After this busy week, we rushed home and got ready for a wedding this weekend. 
How handsome are these two boys?
 And a tired little Landon with the beautiful bride. 
My husband also finished a project for me, and I'm so in love! This pretty barn door wall art was just hung in my office.  We found the idea on one of my favorite new blogs. The Hamby Home
I love my sweet hubby. We're slowly making this house a home. 
That's all folks! I hope you have a great week and I'll be back with this weeks crazy soon.  

Let's Catch Up!

I'll tell you what y'all, when it rains it pours.  We finally got all settled in our house, I finally settled into my new schedule and new responsibilities at work and then... the stomach bug hit us hard. Like knocked out my whole family in a matter of 3 days.  Needless to say, Clorox, Lysol and the washing machine and I have been best friends.  If you can find a germ in this house I'd be surprised. I'm beat! And as we all know, even as I was dying from this horrible virus, I was forced to provide lesson plans and make sure I had my lessons ready for next week, so I could share with my partner teachers.  

So that is why this blog has been blogless for a little while. But I thought I'd share a few things we worked on with my kinder friends.  As, I stated in an earlier post, this new job has me teaching K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and sometimes 5th! Yes, you heard that right! So I'll be posting lots of ideas.  Unfortunately, my job also has me literally running from one grade to another, so I often forget to take pictures of the things we're doing. I'm going to try to get better. 
Each day we practice our alphabet chart and read our alphabet book.  
 I also have a group practicing their names. I've made their names into roads, used sidewalk chalk, shaving cream, play doh, and recently did the name pyramids below.  

My first grade friends are currently working on short vowel review and sight words.  I've been creating little readers for my sweet first grade people.  These will be available soon. 
And finally, my third graders have been doing lots of close reading with short passages, but honestly, they just aren't interested.  I certainly know that these passages are necessary and will most likely be what they see on a test, but I needed to go back to the basics, get some great literature in their hands and hit those standards.  So next week, I chose Stellaluna.  It's a level N, which is perfect for where we're reading since I'm intervention. I created 5 days of lessons with lots of options. We'll be starting with vocab, then work on sequencing, character traits/change, the role illustrations play in a text and we'll compare a nonfiction passage to the story.  As, I said I created this unit for my 3rd graders, but it could certainly be used in second grade and some of the lesson I would even use with my first graders with support.  You can check out this unit by clicking below.  
It will also be added to my Shared Reading Growing Bundle.  

So now that we're getting healthy, (As I knock on wood), I should be back soon with some more literacy fun! 

Five for Friday!

I'm linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday.  Hopefully this will be the beginning of me blogging on a regular basis again! 
I'm finally getting into the groove of my new job and I'll be creating some new things for my classroom. This is a much different role for me. I'm currently teaching K, 1, 2, 3 and a 5th grader who just came to the U.S. I have 15 different groups of kids throughout the week to plan for and many different needs too, so you'll be seeing a bunch of different things from me.  I'm also helping as a literacy coach and making sure our teachers have the literacy materials they need for the week's intervention times.  Let's just say, I'm a busy girl and I get by with a little help from my friends! Praise the Lord for good friends, who make great resources. 
Here are a few things I used this week that totally saved my life! 
Christina is a reading genius and has made my life so much easier. I'm loving both of the units below.  They are perfect for my people! 
 Cara's Alphabet Intervention is perfect for my kinder crew. 
 And as always, I'm loving everything from my sweet friend Abby. 

Thank goodness for some great intervention activities.  Meanwhile my sweet first grade friends were having fun with my Chrysanthemum unit and I love seeing their work.  

In addition to all the activities above, I'm also working on letters, sounds and names with my kinder babies.  In our school, the Kindergarten uses Handwriting without Tears.  They also use the HWT alphabet.  I wanted to make sure I'm the same page as their teachers and I made a little alphabet chart and alphabet book to practice that would match the pictures used in their classroom.  You can download both free below.  I'll be posting some of our name fun in the next post. 

As you may know, we just moved and I've been making lots of purchases to help decorate our new home.  I just got a few new things that I'm so excited about! 
I'm loving our little paper organizer in our mudroom.

 I got this idea from Bless'er House and I'm in love. I still need a few knick knacks.
My sweet friend Amy brought us this beautiful purple mum for our porch. 
 I just got this fun lantern and pillow and blanket for the fireplace. Now to decorate around the rest of the mantel. 
 And this came today and made me so happy! I love my new scale/clock.  It's my favorite new purchase.  
I've been pinning like crazy! 
I love fall fashion and home decor. You can check out some of my favorite boards here:

Here are some of my new favorite blogs and Instagrams I'm following! 

This teacher loves Cricut!

You heard that right! I love my Cricut, and y'all know I'm a girly girl, so I'm not talking about that those noisy bugs! Not too long ago I received an amazing package in the mail from Cricut! And when I say amazing, I mean my mouth dropped to the floor and I was in crafty girl heaven! 
Check this out! 
Now I've always been a huge Cricut fan. I have the very first machine they ever made, the little Gypsy devise and a million cartridges, but this time they've outdone themselves. This Cricut Explore One is so easy to use, lightweight and has so many great options. I also love that I can cut using fonts from my very own computer, because Lord knows I have 5,000 of them.  

The possibilities are endless with this guy! In fact, we have one for our school in the teacher's lounge and it gets a major workout.  Here are a few projects made with the Cricut.  

This first project was made with one of my favorite KG fonts.  I'm so excited about this faux bulletin board I made outside my room.  Now that I'm the schools reading specialist, I thought it was important to promote reading and show that our entire staff reads.  I got this durable paper at Target, held it up with masking tape and then hot glued burlap ribbon on the masking tape for a border.  Then I cut out the hashtag letters for the board and soon I'll be hanging all of our teacher's pretty faces on the paper along with a book they recently read.  
 These t-shirts and water bottles were also made with the Cricut for our soccer team! Super easy and cute! 
And finally, for my sweet kinder babies that are struggling with the letters in their names, I pulled out the Cricut this morning to make some giant, first initials. I just threw some white construction paper on a large mat, opened up the computer and in minutes had a bunch of large letters. 

This week my students will be cutting out some pictures that begin with the same letter as their name and decorating their letters. 

If you think a Cricut is something you need to help you teach, I have some great news.  You or your favorite teacher can win their very own prize pack from Cricut.  
There are still 13 days to enter, but go quickly! 
You can click HERE to join the fun! 
Good luck and thank you Cricut for taking care of teachers. 

Meet the Teacher (5 Fun Facts)

Hey y'all!  I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for the first day of Teacher Week 2015! I've been blogging for a long time so you probably know everything there is to know. I'm not all that exciting but I love Teacher Week, so here it goes! 

I've been married to this guy for 11 years, but we've been together for almost 20 years. Yep, I've been with him, longer than I've been without him. Kind of crazy but he's my high school sweetheart.  

After dating, college, a wedding and two houses, came these two boys.  I'm a super girly girl, so no one expected me to be a boy mom, but I couldn't imagine life any other way. I'm often out numbered and I spend lots of time on baseball and football fields.  Landon is a Kindergartener and Drew is now in 3rd grade.
I'm also a mommy to this guy. His name is Gus and as much as I love him, I could do without the slobber. 

We just moved into our new house and it's my dream house! I've always wanted a Fixer Upper, Farm House.  So we built a new home and I'm so excited about decorating.  Here are a few pics! 
 I'm in love with my kitchen! 

I love country music! Nashville is one of my favorite places to go.  Last week my sweet friend Becky and I got to see Jason Aldean and even got a little VIP concert before the big show.  

Some of my best friends in the world, I made after starting this blog.  In fact, my sweet friend Abby and I became friends shortly after the very first teacher week.  

Don't forget to link up with Blog Hoppin' for teacher week.  I can't wait to read all the posts.