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Happy Birthday to Deedee and Me!

Tomorrow is a pretty important day if you didn't already know.  I mean, I'm sure it's marked on all of your calendars. Tomorrow, Deedee Wills and I celebrate our birthday.  I mean, could I have asked for a better birthday twin? She's been one my dearest friends for quite a while and I just love her to pieces, so I wouldn't want to share a birthday with anyone else.  In celebration of our special day we are sharing some summer freebies with you and giving y'all a chance to win a big old Amazon gift card. In addition, our stores will be on sale all day! WOOHOO! 

 You can click here for a cute little math center.
And finally, don't forget to enter to win an $87.00 gift card to Amazon.  Why 87? Well, we've combined our ages to give y'all a little shopping spree.  

Enter below! Then head over to Deedee's Blog to grab her birthday gifts. 

The End of Year is Almost Here!

Can you believe how incredibly close we are to the end of the school year? The first hint that it's time to wrap things up, is when your sweet babies stop listening and start acting as if they've completely lost their minds.  Please tell me I'm not alone.  

 First up will be Mother's Day Tea. One of my favorite little traditions of the year.  It's such a sweet day for our mom's and their babies. 

After all the Mother's Day fun is complete, I'll start working on end of the year review items, awards and of course report cards. 
I'll be send home this pack with my Kinder friends.  

 And this with my firsties.
I always wrap it all up for the end of the year.  This includes the book list and review sheets, crayons, glue and an end of the year DVD. 
Not only do my kiddos get this cute little packet at the end of the year, one of my absolute favorite things to do is our awards ceremony.  I created my Dollar Store Awards a few years ago and they are hit every year.  The kids can't wait to see what item will accompany their award, and every one of them is so proud! 
This year I found every last thing I need at the Dollar Spot at Target, but if your bins are looking thin, the Dollar Tree will be your best friend. 

If you need any help ending your year with some fun and making sure your kiddos stay prepared for summer, then you can click the links above.  

Everything is on sale for Teacher Appreciate Day.  

We're ready to celebrate my boy's teachers! 
I hope you all are spoiled this week too! 

Erin Condren does it again!

Adorable planners, pens, cute accessories, fun stickers, pretty much sums up a little piece of teacher heaven if you ask me.  Lucky for us, Erin Condren never disappoints.  I'm so excited for their big launch of all things teacher, on May 3rd. It's just in time for Teacher Appreciation Day.  

So let's check out some of the cutest darn teacher swag ever! 

First, how adorable is this t-shirt? It's super soft and this apple design is so fun. 
 Speaking of the apple design, this is definitely my new favorite cover.  
I don't know what I'd do without my teacher planner. There is nothing Erin Condren hasn't thought about and now there is even more! 

 If you have a planner, some of these pages might look familiar to you.  They have added more pages for notes. In addition, there are these adorable two sided pockets, and a new wet erase list at the back, which I love! 

Also, how stinking cute is the adorable zippered clutch to carry your planner, pens, etc?  This is a genius idea and it's a definite must-have! 
You also have to grab these pens.  I have the primary colored set, and these pens are my absolute favorite. You know those pens that make your handwriting look really great?  
These are those pens.  And of course, these match my new planner, so that's a double bonus! 

If you want some of these fancy new items, you can grab them soon.  Make sure you click HERE. If this is your first Erin Condren order, you'll receive $10 off your first order by clicking the link.  

*The items above were provided by for review.

Five For Friday, April 15th

 Do you chirp? If you don't you need to go download this app asap! 
In our school we are lucky enough to have iPad carts. I love using technology, even now that I'm a reading specialist. This week my third graders were reading Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  My poor kids have been tested to death, and the last thing I want to do is test them more on the books they are reading. But, I do need to know if they remember what they read, understand the vocabulary and can infer.  So I ran to Kahoot to see if anyone had a fun quiz for us to use.  If you don't know what Kahoot is, you can check it out here. It's a great way to assess student knowledge while they think they are playing a game.  The only problem was, Kahoot's web address wasn't bookmarked on our iPads, so I would have to enter the address on 25 iPads, or have 3rd graders do it, and it might take the whole class time.  

I wanted to quickly send out the link to my students in our multi-device room.  So I used Chirp! It's amazing. I merely took one iPad, opened the app, added the link and sent out a "Chirp". The kids iPads, hear the chirp and they immediately received the link. They then clicked and were taken to, where they were ready to play.  Less than three minutes! 

More about Chirp:
  • All devices in the room have the Chirp app downloaded onto them.  
  • Have all devices open the Chirp app
  • The instructor (or the sender) selects the desired image or linke and presses the yellow button to "Chirp" it out to all within range
  • All within range will receive the image or link 

That's it. A simple way of sharing links and images to the class.  

 Did you see that Erin Condren is having a huge sale? Teacher Planners are 25% off and Life Planners are 50% off. I'm jumping on this sale. You can click below to grab a planner too. 

 Mother' Day is just around the corner and my Mother's Day Tea is something I'm REALLY going to miss now that I'm not in my own classroom. We always had the best time and our mommies loved it so.  

 Everything you need for the perfect Mother's Day Tea is below. 

Here are two of my new favorite places to shop. I ordered quite a few things before vacation from these sites and loved everything! It also shipped so quickly.

We've been trying to master our sight words in both my first grade and second grade groups. We only have 6 weeks left before summer. Here are a couple of pictures of my sweet little friends using Kahoot and playing musical sight words. 

To link up your 5 for Friday, click here

Spring Break is Over & I'm Getting Crabby.

Y'all I went to paradise and came back to reality this past week.  My whole family went to Turks and Caicos and it might be one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.  82, sunny, nicest people ever, laying in a pool, eating yummy food! I mean look at this beach.  
Here are my two sweet boys with our captain after a boat trip.
And then I came back to 35 degrees and now I'm  getting crabby! 
Thank goodness it's starting to warm up here, but I decided I needed some more ocean in my life, so one of my groups is working on reading, A House for Hermit Crab and nonfiction Hermit Crab books.  
Here are some of our activities so far.  
First we looked at the cover and talked about predictions. 

 Students predicted how Hermit Crab would decorate his shell. 

 After our second reading, we discussed sequencing.  The kiddos read the sequencing card they were given and we worked together to put the cards in order.
 To differentiate, student were then put in groups based on ability to complete a sequencing activity on their own.  

 We also read a nonfiction book about Hermit Crabs. I have two different levels of the book for differentiation. Students learned some simple facts about the Hermit Crab. 
 They were then asked to use the info they learned, and their book, as a resource to write 3 facts about Hermit Crabs and illustrate their fact.  

 One of my groups also had some fun playing a crabby card game.  They absolutely love these small group games that practice phonics.  
I just posted this unit yesterday.  If you need some beachy fun in your life you can click below.