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Love is in the air!

I have to admit, February is not my favorite month. It's usually freezing cold and I'm full of spring fever. But I do love all the activities at school that February brings.  
The following are few pictures of activities in my Burning Love Centers

 Some of these activities below are free on my Facebook page
Speaking of centers, I also have some cute centers in honor of the Super Bowl
We also hit our economic standard during this month. It's so much fun to teach my kiddos about economics while tying it into our Valentine party. 

I also just finished this unit.  I know my kids will love Diane deGroats book as much as I do and what kids doesn't want to learn about opossums? 

Our 100th day is also this week. Who doesn't love a Wolf's Chicken Stew to celebrate? 
Happy almost February! 

Lots of Literacy!

As you all may know, I moved after 14 years in the first grade, to reading specialist for our school and literacy coaching for our newer teachers.   So my mind is constantly thinking of books, word work and more.  I created a resource a couple of years ago for myself and other teachers who were teaching guided reading, reader's workshop or writer's workshop.  It's  a resource to keep you organized and also to aide a tool for planning and and keeping track of all your students. It's one of my favorite packs.  
 Here is a VIDEO of what is included. It is made in both half sheet and full sheet versions. 

In addition to running a million groups a day, I also have to have a quick way to relay to parents on how their children are performing.  So I created a few sheets to send home consistently.

Another part of my job is to help our parents work with their children on reading.  To do this we had a literacy night.  As part of this night we had our wonderful PTO provide pizza to our families to start the night.  After dinner our parents were able to go to several different sessions of their choosing.  

One of the sweetest darn families you'll ever meet! 
 Some sweet teachers who volunteered to help lead sessions. 

 We had 2 "Reading at Home" info sessions. We led one for primary and one for intermediate.  Here parents learned all the ins and outs of reading at home. Strategies for decoding, comprehension, and how to choose books.  During these sessions, we need parents full attention. Therefore, they dropped their children off in the kids reading room.  The kids played BINGO for books, read in igloos and decorated bookmarks.  

When parents were finished with the info sessions, they went and got their kiddos and went to word work sessions where they learned ways to  help their children at home with word work, spelling, vocabulary and sight words.  All the activities that did or games played were things that could be easily recreated at home. 

I'll be sharing more literacy ideas and some freebies soon. So stop back.  

Five For Friday: January 8, 2016

I'm linking up with Doodlebug's Teaching Resources for 5 for Friday. 
This week my third grade intervention group learned all about the arctic fox.  We had fun with  fortune tellers, quizzing each other on vocabulary words, we reviewed nonfiction text features, used a glossary and discussed new learning. We'll be continuing this unit next week. 

I'm pretty excited about our upcoming Literacy Night. This will be our first family literacy night. Above are some books that will be given away during book bingo. I'll post all about our night next weekend. 
I have to post about this guy. His name is Daniel and he's our counselor.  If he looks familiar its because he's all over Pinterest. Here's a project I shared, he did with our school last year.  He's probably one of my favorite people.  We started at our school the same year and he always makes me smile.  Which we know every teacher needs, especially on those crazy days. He really is the best, and the things he does for our students are incredible.  Here he his is stealing our secretary's Stitch Fix. 
We might have opened her box without her, and then documented it and sent it to her. 
Here's our new school unity project. 
 We also did this activity where each child posted a way they could make school a better place and discourage bullying.  

We know how much I love to shop. So here are few purchases I just made. 
This cute little sign for our entry way. 
 Target Dollar Spot gets me every time. 
 These cute little measuring spoons were at a new little vintage store. 
If you follow me on TpT, then be sure to check your inbox in the next week or so. I'm going to try to let you know about updates in products as well as provide links for freebies on a regular basis. 

Have a great weekend! 

A Fresh Start

Are y'all ready to return tomorrow? I'm not going to all. I'm not. It doesn't mean I don't love my job, it just means I loved on my family so much and I gave myself some time, which means I need about one more week to prepare for students.  There are so many things I want to do differently and I have about 3 hours to get it all ready.  I problem should have planned this out better.

If you're in the same boat. Don't jump ship. Here are a few things that might help you out:

If you are wanting to make your students more independent in the new year, then y'all must check out my helpers. You can read the reviews, in my store. It's a life changer. It gives your students an easy to navigate resource before running to you.
You can read more about how I use them here.

I also love winter books! These units are all planned out and cover a boatload of standards. 

Hope these help! Now to make about 50 more things I need for tomorrow. 
Have a great week friends.

Small Group Holiday Literacy

Hi y'all!
   Two more weeks of school and we'll have a couple of weeks of holiday chaos in its place. I'm so excited for a little time to relax. But in the meantime I needed lots to keep my small groups busy for the next few weeks. I'm so excited about this pack and hope to make more that are similar.
It includes 5 emergent readers, 3 games, 3 poems with activities and several literacy printables. 
To check it out, you can click HERE
I hope you have a wonderful week.